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Guitar Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Guitar Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Guitar parts knowledge?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Guitar?


image Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar guitar bridge image Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar output jackimage Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar toggle switchimage Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar capacitorimage Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar nutimage Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar humbucker pickup

#1                  #2               #3              #4            #5              #6

#7image Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar stratocaster pickup #8image Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar Telecaster neck pickup     #9    #10image Haywire Custom Guitars Guitar Telecaster pick guard

Know your gear?  Do you know about any gear?  What about guitar ? Do you have an idea of what parts go where?  What they do?  Rules, are made to be broken. So break some rules and learn a little more about your guitar. Know your gear well enough so that it works for you, and is there when you need it. It really helps to know about crucial parts in your guitar.  Here is a short quiz from Haywire Custom Guitars that may help you better understand the name for some of the various parts.  These are some of the most used and recognizable parts of a guitar.  These parts may or may not have all come from one guitar.

What do you know about your guitar ?

The important question is… many of these can you get exactly right?  It’s much easier to communicate with you guitar tech if you both speak the same language. The toggle switch maybe the clicker thingy to you but your tech knows it by a different name. If you suspect a bad part then  what?  It’s great to be able to verbalize the problem part to the guy that can repair it. One of the best ways to do it is learn the names. Guitar parts have a specific job. Learn them.

You can carry spares

Try and learn about as many parts on your guitar as you can. Learn what the parts do and their approximate shelf life. Maybe you can even go a step farther. You can carry spares of the most used and most unreliable parts. Just put a few spares in your guitar case and if you need the part-it’s there. Try your luck on this quiz. Answers below.


1) Hard Tail Guitar bridge  2) Output jack  3) Toggle switch  4) capacitor  5) nut  6) Humbucker Pickup  7) Stratocaster Pickup  8) Telecaster neck pickup  9) Potentiometer (volume control)  10) Telecaster pick guard

About the Author:

Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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