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Custom Guitar Shadow Build

Qt is a cross-platform application development framework for desktop, embedded and mobile. Supported Platforms include Linux, OS X, Windows, VxWorks, QNX, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Sailfish OS and others.

Shadow building is a technique used to build different Qt builds of the same version for different platforms/compilers/etc. Shadow building means building a project in a separate directory, the build directory. This is the NEW definition of shadow building. That’s not what we’re talking about here. The original definition of shadow build comes from duplicate building techniques by craftsman over the years to arrive at a replica project.

A Qt Shadow Build is not what we’re talking about here

Players don’t always like to take their best gear to a show so they ask us to do a shadow build of their favorite gigging guitar with a few changes.

Most shadow builds include a hotter more articulate pickup, lighter body and lighter hardware for more comfort playing all night long. And of course a great set-up with action and intonation set perfectly for that player…. that’s a custom guitar shadow build.

Custom Guitar Shadow Build

While a shadow build in Qt is a valid idea it’s not what we’re talking about here. The concept however is the same. A clone of your existing guitar is the goal. Some changes will be required for comfort, cost and practicality. So to repeat: “Players don’t always like to take their best gear to a show so they ask us to do a shadow build of their favorite gigging guitar with a few changes.” Why?

Successful guitar players have a backup guitar in case of emergency. Haywire Custom Guitars knows how important your job is. We can duplicate your guitar in our Custom Shop. We call it backup guitar building or a Custom Guitar Shadow Build!

When you work hard on computer files don’t you back them up? Of course. You may need them in an emergency if the computer fails. Correct? You keep them with you on a flash drive or in a cloud. You do this because you are a Pro and want to be seen as a Pro and taken seriously. As well when you have a job to do you need to be prepared to complete the job no matter what may occur. That is why you are successful.

Are you a successful guitar player?

What are you willing to do? A lot of non-pro players will do a job on the fly and use what tools they have on hand to complete it. Pro players, on the other hand, plan for success. When they approach a job, they do it to succeed. That’s another reason they are called pros.

You need a backup guitar

If you are a pro guitar player and have jobs to do and want to be successful then you must be prepared no matter what happens. Don’t you have spare keys made? More importantly, you need a backup guitar. If your instrument fails then you’ll need a duplicate so your job performance will not suffer and you’ll continue to be recognized as a pro player.

Are you being taken seriously as a guitarist?

Get serious about your job. If you plan on a long career in the music business then plan now to eliminate failure. At Haywire Custom Shop we work to build duplicate and backup guitars for serious players who plan for success. We are musicians working for musicians. Let us work for you.

Image of related guitar designs for a custom guitar shadow build
Designs for a custom guitar shadow build

Custom Guitar Shadow Build

About the Author:

Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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