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Nashville Tele Setup

//Nashville Tele Setup

Nashville Tele Setup

In 1982, Haywire Custom Guitars was on the forefront with some of the first prototype designs and models for Nashville Tele setup and wiring designs. Our guitars take the traditional Tele design with the vintage hardtail bridge and combines it with a – three pickup configuration found on traditional Strat guitars, giving you the most distinctive sounds of both guitars in one fine instrument. No more running back and forth to change guitars when the sound you need is now all in one instrument. Our Nashville guitars give you everything from that unmistakable country twang to great rock sounds from Hendrix to Clapton, and everything in between. The following combinations are available on the 5-way switch: Bridge pickup only, bridge and center pickup, center pickup only, center and neck pickup, and neck pickup only. We add our exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to this guitar, giving you the two additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together.

Every Haywire Nashville Custom is built to each individual customer specifications with unlimited custom wiring choices, component selections, and a wide selection of quality pickups, controls and necks equipped with frets that provide exceptionally long wear and silky-smooth bends. As a result, a Nashville guitar that was built to fit in your hands with the ability to produce virtually any sound that you can imagine.

“At Haywire…We’re musicians working for musicians-let us work for you”

What is a Nashville Tele? Simply put, it’s a guitar with a Nashville Tele setup consisting of a Tele bridge pickup built on a Telecaster (or Stratocaster, Gibson SG, etc.) style body and two more single coil pickups. At The Haywire Custom Shop, we can put any pickup combination to work for you. P-90’s, Mini-Humbuckers, full-sized humbuckers, any combination of Strat pickup as well as active pickup sets. And with a 5-way switch you can get the same combinations with all the Quack as in a Strat complete with Humbucking modes in any switch position you need! When we add our 7-Sound switch-you get 2 more pickup combinations!

We add our exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to this guitar, giving you the two additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together.

More about Nashville Tele setups…

A Real World Nashville Tele setup and Sounds for Guitar Players. In the haywire Custom Shop, we put together a lot of Nashville style Telecasters. Existing guitars can be modified for players who need a Nashville Tele reflect that same setup. What do we recommend on three-pickup Nashville Tele combinations? Anything you’d like! A Nashville Telecaster is meant to be versatile with any pickup combination.

We modify existing guitars for players who need a Nashville Tele Setup

Not all three pickups need match volume and output specs in say like a Fender Nashville guitar. Our Nashville Teles can be made to order for any pickups, any desired combinations of humbucking modes you need. We know during a fast-paced show there is not always time to run back and change guitars. So…..we have you covered on all the sounds needed from Country twang, Strat quack sounds and serious rock & roll in the flip of a switch!

Below find out the sounds that you cannot get until now…

The seven-sound Nashville Tele setup (or Strat modification) fixes one of the major errors with the Nashville Tele setup and Strat’s 3-pickup design until recently. The design change by us nearly 15 years ago forced our competitors to emulate our idea. Let’s say your guitar has three pickups and a 5-way selector switch, limiting you to combinations like bridge/neck together or all three pickups simultaneously. Haywire has added this in for the last decade and a half. Why did it 15 years to catch up with a great idea players could really use?

NOW, we can add two more sounds you don’t have now!

We’ll give you more sounds and 7 pickup combinations. All three pickups will work well together, and they all have a sound a tone you can actually use! We call it our 7 Sound Modification Custom Configuration. Try one-You’ll never need to switch guitars again.

Custom Shop 7 Sound Switching: Translation

Haywire Custom Guitars USA Inc.-Description of a 5 Way normal switching action:

Translation- NORMAL Positions now available on your Strat with the current 5-way selector:

Position 1 of the switch activates the bridge pickup alone

Position 2 of the switch activates the bridge pickup and middle in parallel (a Humbucking mode)

Position 3 of the switch activates the middle pickup alone

Position 4 of the switch activates the middle and neck pickups in parallel (a Humbucking mode)

Position 5 of the switch activates the neck pickup alone

After we add the 7-sound switch…

Now that the switch is in you get 2 more sounds not currently available to you.

By engaging the toggle switch, you will activate the neck pickup giving you the bridge and neck pickups together. Likewise, with the 5-way selector switch in the second position with the bridge and middle pickups activated, a flick of the toggle switch adds the neck pickup to any equation which gives you ALL of the pickups together. Two choices now missing on a (stock Strat or) Nashville Tele setup.

Here’s what you’ll get:

We add the 7 Sound Toggle Switch between the Tone Controls:

5-way position selector Position 1 and the toggle adds the neck pickup to the bridge pickup. This combination will give you tones and sounds reminiscent of the “Byrds” Rickenbacker tone.
5-way position selector 2 and the toggle adds will activate all three pickups at one time.                                                  

5-way switch pickup selections +Your 2 new selections now available with the new toggle switch:


Position 1 bridge pickup alone bridge + neck in parallel     

Position 2 bridge + middle pickup in parallel all three pickups in parallel 

Position 3 middle pickup alone

Position 4 middle + neck pickup in parallel

Position 5 neck pickup alone

This is a a simple but very effective modification you’ll love to explore.

image for Haywire Custom guitars of a seven sound switch modification in a Nashville Telecaster
Haywire Custom guitars of a seven sound switch modification in a Nashville Telecaster
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Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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