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Help With Your Guitar

//Help With Your Guitar

  • Expert Help With Your Guitar. Haywire Custom Guitars S.C. USA-92526 features: electric and acoustic Guitar Repairs In S.C. Also, upgrades, mods and fast service.  Serving Myrtle Beach and Conway in Horry County SC. Experienced technician will keep your guitar playing the best it can play!  Haywire Custom Shop can also repair and modify other stringed instruments. Including our “One Day Urgent Care Guitar Repair“.  Set up an appointment today-call 843-347-5742

Help With Your Guitar-Guitar Maintenance

  • Guitar repairs include: New guitar strings for your guitar
  • Full 8-point setups
  • Intonation Setups
  • Action and truss rod adjustments, fret levels, alignments and more
  • Guitars for children
  • Light weight guitars for women

Guitar Fret Renew & In S.C.

  • Re-fret
  • Fret level
  • Re-Crown
  • Polish new work and test
  • Recessed Heel Crest Option
  • All guitar adjustments

Expert Help With Your Guitar: Electronics upgrade and custom guitar mods

  • Electronic modifications on all stringed instruments
  • New Pickup installation
  • Wiring customization with new pots, switches, tone controls, 7 Sound switching and Treble Bleed circuits
  • Personalized upgrades and modifications
  • Guitar neck shaving, thinning, profiling

Hardware replacement & Guitar Repairs In S.C.

  • Hardware customization
  • Cosmetic enhancements

image Rick Mariner working on a guitar setup and repairs in the Haywire Custom Guitars -Custom Shop
Rick Mariner working on guitar repairs Update: fixed! A good one will easily be worth the guitar setup price of $45.

Help with your guitar for:
Head stocks
Crack repair
Brace repair
Bridge repair and replacements
image Photo before neck break repair on a Les Paul
Photo before neck break repair on a Les Paul at Haywire Custom Guitars
Guitar Repairs for all guitar including: PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch, Squier, Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Martin, Guild, Seagull ,Yamaha, Ovation
Washburn, Epiphone, G&L, Rickenbacker, ESP, Schecter and many others.

Acoustic Guitar Repairs

At Haywire Custom Guitars -Custom Shop Inc. USA. Guitar Repairs repair cost? At Haywire Custom Guitars usually we can accomplish acoustic guitar neck repairs for under $250

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