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String Buzz

There’s nothing more aggravating than when your guitar makes noises it shouldn't. An issue that comes up often is subject of guitar fret buzz. It's a problem that happens often to players. What is it? It’s caused when a string strikes against the top of a fret. It creates a buzzing sound. There are a few reasons why this occurs from the strings on your guitar.

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Guitar Neck Misalignment

Sometimes sending a guitar back For a small "Tweak" is not always practical or necessary. Many times when I ship a guitar from the humid deep South to a dry climate the neck sometimes will "hump" up a bit. This will cause what can be described as guitar neck misalignment and sometimes a "string buzz". Very small, almost imperceptible tweaks will result in a surprising results for this type of guitar neck misalignment issue. It is very easy to fix!

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Musical Discrimination

Musicians are and have been subjected to much musical discrimination over the years. In fact, it is still prevalent in 2019. In Myrtle Beach, S.C. county of Horry, discriminatory laws and statutes for musicians still exist.

From: WMBF News, in their investigation they discovered musician Rich Johnson, a musician from Long Island, makes as little as $75-$100 per night playing music part-time at a local restaurant. However, the City of Myrtle Beach in answer to the " musical discrimination" issue, insists under penalty of law that he spend $100 on a “business license” and if not face up to $500 in fines or a month imprisonment for each unlicensed performance. Does this make sense? What other jobs in Myrtle Beach require a license to work? Why are musicians treated like "second class" citizens and made to pay for licenses to work?

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Guitars Operate Smoothly

The sound, feel and ability to play well. That is what you need from your guitars. When these tasks are accomplished guitars and basses they are greatly improved. It happens when they are set up correctly, the right parts are used and adjustments are exact. Regular maintenance and servicing however is required on your guitars from you. In the case of, truss rods, they need seasonal adjustment to keep the neck straight. They fight a constant battle between pull of strings, truss rods, tremolo systems and humidity. Guitars operate smoothly and in tune when set up properly. If a setup is done right it will match any chosen string gauge.

Custom Guitar Process

A Custom Guitar is a Process. It takes time to arrive at your perfect guitar. The custom guitar process for you will be trial and error at first. Then as you play and most important, what you play will determine what you need.

Guitars Need Work

Does your guitar need work? If yes, then there is no reason for you to put it off any longer. Get help today. We’ll get the job done for you. No excuses, just good work to help get you closer to where you want to be as a musician. Give us a call if we can help: 843-347-5742. We hear you. We’re here for you.

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