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Replacement Guitar Necks

/Replacement Guitar Necks

Replacement Guitar Necks
21, 22, and 24 Replacement guitar necks: $135.00 and Up + Shipping
Bolt on Neck Style
All Necks are to your specs
Available in Either all Maple or Maple with Rosewood Fret boards.
Additional Features:
Finish: Fully Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer
Dot position markers (including sides)
Nickel silver frets
Head Stock Adjustable-Guitar Neck Truss Rod
Pre-slotted and fitted nut
1-11/16″ String Nut: added-free of charge
Peg holes: 25/64″ (9.92 mm) Tuner Holes
Heel thickness: 1″
1st fret the depth is-.848″ thickness
12th fret the depth is-.922 thickness
Radius: 12”
Custom Premium Necks are Also Available from $295-$875. Call for Pricing Information, Special Woods, Special Profiles, Custom Frets and Finishes.