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Mr. Rick Mariner
Mr. Rick MarinerOwner, Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.
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I first started building guitars… because of the realization that I had a set of guitar repair skills to offer the guitar players around me who did not have those skills.  When someone contacts the Haywire Custom Shop for guitar repair or have a guitar set up they’re apprehensive. It’s similar to the feeling that a surgeon has when faced with a decision to operate on his own child. Sure, it’s hard to let go of your guitar-even for some needed repairs, updating and modifications.  So, trust is the key.  Once the player has faith that we care and will do a good job then the process begins in earnest.

Guitar repairs, maintenance, modifications and upgrades:

 The Haywire Custom Shop You’ll Get:
Guitar Repairs, Guitar Modifications, Guitar necks
Improvements for better playing guitars and best of all diagnosis of all guitar problems in addition to:

Guitar Neck Shaving

One Day Urgent Guitar Services
8-Point Tune-Up
Recessed Heel Crest option
Treble Bleed Circuit
Guitar Pickup Replacement

Restore and Re-build Guitars

Guitar Neck Refretting
Replacement Guitar Necks and Back up Guitars
Guitar Neck Repair
A Faster Guitar Neck

Guitar Headstock Repair
Repair A Broken Guitar Neck

Players are kept in the loop and informed with progress on their custom guitar all along the way. Sometimes they think of things they want to do but forgot to ask.

One of the main functions of a Custom Guitar Shop should be to hit the target the first time by building as close to a perfect instrument as possible!  At Haywire our aim is getting better every day!  The job is only complete when you are completely happy with your guitar because you’ll use it every day.


Sometimes a guitar setup requires more than meets the eye. Older guitars need more care because of heavy use. It may be that the frets need to be leveled. Then, after a fret leveling job your guitar frets need to be recrowned (round back the tops of frets like new). If your frets have divots (string dents from heavy handed playing) most of it can be removed when we are leveling the frets. Fully removing all divots requires fret sanding. We try and take the least invasive method to save you fret wear, and excessive fret loss. Guitar fret crowing brings back the rounded shape to the tops of all your frets. It’s truly a lot of work but very much worth it as it allows lower action with no fret buzz with better tuning and intonation results. Isn’t your old guitar worth it? We think so.

We’re building as close to a perfect instrument as possible

Your guitar needs to be comfortable and light-weight enough to play for hours at a time in any situation without fatigue.  The sound has to be clear and tone-great. It has to be built to withstand the rigors of being on the road whether touring or playing in local venues. It has to feel good to you when you play it.

The action and feel need to be consistent all the way down the neck so you won’t be forced to alter your playing technique as you travel around on the fret board.  A guitar players instrument needs to be in tune on every fret.


We pay careful attention to the intonation settings.  It has to look good for you and represent your sense of style. The finish has to last for a long time to protect the wood from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere as well as sweat from direct contact with hard working hands.

Guitar Repair: 

Action and feel need to be consistent all the way down the neck

The neck needs to have a truss rod that is easy to adjust for seasonal variations in temperature as well as the ability to transmit sound and add extra sustain for players.  Strings added need to be a comfortable gauge without too much resistance thus making it easier to push down to the crown of the frets.

Get: Truss rod adjustments, guitar tune-ups, repairs on electric and acoustic guitars, new pickups, electronic repairs, guitar neck shaving, re-fretting, light weight guitars, intonation settings, adding proper guitar strings, re-build guitars, modified guitars, lower action on guitars, great playing used & new guitars, custom built guitars, guitar trade-ins, guitar neck straightening, guitar neck replacement, treble bleed circuits, guitar headstock repair, recessed neck heels and more…….. ease of playing guitar, new controls added, extra light guitar bodies
Women’s Electric Guitars, Special attention for disabled musicians, Loaded guitar bodies
Any and all brand pickups available,Guitar cases,Used and new guitars,Urgent Care-One Day Guitar Service and many more services. These are just some of the things that we think about every day to make your custom guitar GREAT! 

Guitar Repair:

Options & Neck Shaving

Super-wide Neck Replacement 1-5/8 to 1-7/8″
Guitar Neck Shaving
Super-slim Neck Replacement
Guitar Neck Replacement
Custom Guitar Neck Contours

We perform: Guitar Neck Replacement, Fret leveling, Nut filing
Custom Guitar Neck Contours, custom guitar neck shaping, thinning and profiling

Our services include; but are not limited to:

Custom Guitar Repair

in addition:

Guitar Repair
8 Point Tune Up
Guitar Modifications
Custom Neck Building and Reshaping
Full Set-Ups

Fret Installation and Polishing
Fret Leveling, Re-fretting and Fret Crowning
Guitar Pickup Replacement
Special Circuits
Custom Guitar Repairs
Volume and Tone Mods
Recessed Heel Crest
Guitar Refretting
Heel Crest Reduction
Treble Bleed Circuits

image Guitar Repair: Rick Mariner from Haywire Custom Guitars building a Backup Guitar

Guitar Repair: Mariner from Haywire Custom Guitars building a Backup Guitar

Image P-Bass Guitar Repair: Bass Restoration in the Haywire Custom Guitars Shopimage Guitar Repair: Bass guitar Restoration in the Haywire Custom Guitars Shop (photo after restore)
Image: P-Bass Guitar Repair: Bass Restoration in the Haywire Custom Guitars ShopImage Guitar Repair: Bass Restoration in the Haywire Custom Guitars Shop (photo after restore)