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Hi Rick,

This last one is classically beautiful!!! Absolutely reeks timeless Strat, but has a distinctive personal touch. Perfect Job!!! Now I am dying to get these other two here I ordered from you. I like what you said … A “bevy of beauties”, and that’s what these 3, now 4 guitars from you represent to me. I now have a bona fide “collection” of exact Strats I’ve always envisioned, and you were just the person to make it all happen for me.

Working with you on these was a pleasure, and the first Instrument told me exactly you were the right man for the job. Your attention to detail and your professionalism has been tremendous and I am a very happy customer indeed.

What you do is art, as that is what I do too … and there won’t be one day these guitars are not appreciated for the artisan craftsmanship and genuine care that went into them. I learned a great deal in putting the parts together, and having the right person do this for me was extremely important. Organizing materials and specifying construction is what I do for a living, and I appreciate your compliments on how I prepared this job for you because in this case, playing beautiful guitars is something I love.

Count on me always staying in touch, and keeping you informed of new projects for myself, and certainly I will recommend you to my friends or anyone. Should you need references or testimonials for you and Haywire I won’t hesitate to provide them at anytime. In addition, if you need me to help you out with any photo montage color studies for potential customers, I would be glad to assist you.

These 3 guitars are simply gorgeous and you are the best!!!


Rick the guitar is amazing! I’m still playing with the tone as I’m use to having a double humbucker on the bridge but I’m sure I’ll get the right combo. Again thank you!

Grace & Peace,

Troy in Westminster, MD

Troy in Westminster

Hi Rick,

Hey mate the little beauty arrived this morning, she look’s stunning and sounds bloody superb, the pickups are wonderful. The quality of your work is absolutely first class and I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone, the set up is spot on , this is a guitar I will love for the rest of my life, thank you so much for sending me something so beautiful, you are a credit to your craft.

Very kind regards, Bon (John Thomas) • Australia      

Bon (John Thomas)

Hey Rick,

Here is something below for your website, but it is really straight from the heart! You can cut and paste it on your site!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about buying any guitar without actually being able to play it before I purchased it. However, after meeting you and playing a couple of gigs with you in the past, I was blown away by your style and awesome playing ability. Last week, I decided to do a little research on your company online to see what other people had to say about Haywire Custom Guitars. I was very impressed to say the least!

After talking to you about the specifications that I had in mind, I realized that you were the one to build my new custom guitar. Yesterday, I received it in perfect condition. I plugged it into my old Fender Twin Reverb, and was totally blown away by every aspect of the guitar.

I can’t imagine how any company could possibly create a better playing or sounding instrument. Over the past twenty years, I have played, bought, and sold many guitars, but I won’t be selling this one! I have never played an “Off The Shelf” instrument that even comes close to my new Haywire. Thanks Rick, for your time, effort, and great craftsmanship!

Mike Lynch


I got my baby back as promised on Thursday and used it on the gig I played Friday!! I have been is seventh heaven ever since. You are a master and a saint!! It plays better than before and people melt when they see the it. I can’t thank you enough for the stunning job that you did!! I called Russ and thanked him over and over for bringing you into my world!! The bass is a masterpiece!! I have 2 other vintage Fender basses that I want to send to you. I am sad to report that they are not in this years budget and far less in need of the overhaul that you did on Mr Seafoam. I will spread your name in NYC like wildfire!! Please use my bass on your website as I would hope that it is worthy of standing next to the Haywire masterpieces that you make from scratch.

I would like to steal a quote from Arnold when I say that ” I will be back”!

Best regards,

Tim Mule • New York City

Tim Mule


The ” Tommy Long Special” is a very fine guitar!!!!! Once again (now that I Played it) You guy`s at Haywire are excellent luthiers and after playing for 28 years, I can definitely say that you and your corporation are comparable to the Fender Custom Shop!!!!   Thank`s Again for the building of a one of a kind Strat!!

Tom Perlongo

Hi Rick,

As a Strat lover, I’ve owned several, but I’ve never owned one with the quality and workmanship of my newest Haywire custom Strat. It’s also a very unique guitar with beautiful customization. Haywire did an awesome job setting up my Strat specifically for me and it plays like a dream!

Dwayne Johnson

Hi Rick,

Great tone and playing it feels great. This is the first good guitar that I have owned, and I am glad I finally purchased it. It also looks fantastic. Great job and thanks again.

Michael Drews

Heya Rick !

Its been about 2 months with the new guitar and I just wanted to say its been nothing short of a dream guitar. I had been toying with the idea of buying the Strat and then an LP studio to accompany it but after playing this guitar I know an LP will just be a let down. Been toying around with home recording and posted some stuff to MySpace, ( ) –including a plug for haywire guitars in each of the liner notes. 🙂 Thanks again, and I will continue to spread the word.

Andrew Cowan


I wanted to take a few moments & tell you that I really appreciate your skill & craftsmanship as a guitar builder . Your guitars are quite simply the best I have ever played. Every time I take one to a jam or gig I get compliments all night long on the great tone as well as the stunning looks of the instruments you built for me. They are a joy to play & are exactly the way I want them to be. I will be a customer for life. I’m glad were friends.

Carl E. Sperry, Jr.

Its arrived at last Rick. It’s beautiful, the neck is sooo slim and gorgeous. One question though, if the strings are a little too low and do I simple use an Allen key to raise the saddles a little ? Well… in England we call it an Allen key you probably refer to it as some thing else. Its as gorgeous as you said and a dream to play I’m so pleased.


Danny • Devonshire, England


HI RIck.

OK so, I got the guitar at the morning(Wednesday) and went home to check, the guitar and as you say is a serious instrument, definitely it is. I love the action it’s so good I realy feel the guitar is a part of me. I’m very surprised with the neck, wow.. she is perfect!!! all together with the perfect body of the TELE-you created a AAA fender telecaster. well done, again thank you Rick

Yaki Mazor


This is one a hell of a guitar. I’ve been on a road trip for about three days, and although I’m traveling with a Brook travel guitar, I’m really missing the (Grand Marshall)!!! It is, without a doubt, the most pleasurable electric guitar I’ve ever played. Others are fun, of course, and I own a number of them, but this one keeps inviting me to pick it up and . . create. I haven’t yet adjusted the action at all, and it does still have a little too much string slap for me, but my gosh, what a fine instrument – the tone is superb, the neck is a joy, the feel of the instrument just shouts “quality,” and everything just works perfectly.

Danny Marshall

Hey Rick,

I just received the guitar yesterday, the postal system is sometimes a little slow to get things over here. I love it already and it plays like a dream! Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort!


Grant Spanier • San Francisco, CA

Grant Spanier

Hello Rick,

I’m sorry for the delay. I was waiting for my son’s birthday. I received the guitar and as my son says it is Awesome! Most of all, he is very satisfied with pickups and sound it makes. Body and weight of the guitar are also unique. He likes to play “this new guitar” because it is so light. Even though he has one guitar with similar body this one makes his playing much easier he says. Everything looks so nice!! Thank you again for this unique piece.

Juraj & Juraj Farkas