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Loose Guitar Binding

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Many acoustic guitars have binding around the edges where the top, back and sides come together. A small channel or shelf on the edges of the guitar is where binding is inlayed. The binding is then formed and shaped to fit the inside of the channel and glued in place. Guitar binding can shrink and come loose from the body.
What can be done about loose binding on your acoustic guitar? A solid spruce top on an acoustic can expand and contract as much as an eighth of an inch over the course of a season? Well, that’s not much, but enough to knock the binding off of the routed side channel where it is glued.

Loose Guitar Binding

image Fixing Loose Guitar Binding at  Haywire Custom Shop"
Fixing Loose Guitar Binding at Haywire Custom Shop

We’ve seen some of the best custom shop and hand-built guitars that aren’t immune the effects of excessive seasonal dryness which cause loose binding. A guitar’s integrity can become compromised if exposed to overly dry, or too humid environments. As a result the guitar’s binding loosens and needs attention before it gets worse.
Instruments that have lost lots of natural moisture, particularly acoustic guitars, can start to develop the following acoustic guitar problems:
Bulging and pulled bridges
Over-arching necks and fretboards
Popping frets
Fret sprouts
Loose Binding

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