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One Day Urgent Care – Guitar Services

/One Day Urgent Care – Guitar Services
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Haywire Custom Guitars:

“One Day Urgent Care Guitar Services”

 In One Day !

Whether it’s urgent care guitar repair services on custom guitars, custom electric guitars, custom shop guitars, guitar neck shaving, guitar repairs, Stratocasters, Telecasters, guitar bodies, guitar necks, guitar parts, guitar setups, guitar pickups we can do guitar repairs in one day while you wait at  Haywire Custom Guitars Custom Shop.

One Day Urgent Care Services For Guitar Players

8 Point Tune-Up     Recessed Heel     Neck Shave   

  Treble Bleed Circuit   Neck Adjustment/straightening/ Fret leveling/truss rod    
Neck Replacement     Fret Replacement     Pick-Up Replacement

These are just some of the things that we think about every day to make your custom guitar exactly right. We’re here for the guitar player who needs a great instrument “Gig-Ready” for his or her passion-PLAYING GUITAR!! Sometimes emergency guitar repairs arise just before a gig. It may be: Acoustic guitar repairs, Guitar setups,  Stratocaster, Les Paul, PRS or Telecaster adjustments.

Less Weight?

In addition, maybe a lighter guitar body, better guitar neck, broken guitar parts, guitar setups, guitar pickups. Seems like we see a lot of electronic failures and other guitar electronics going bad, as well as;  Bass guitar issues, and guitar modifications.  Furthermore, we perform lots of acoustic guitar repairs, treble bleed circuits, guitar hardware, guitar frets, guitar upgrades and  replacement guitar necks. More importantly, if your guitar body is too heavy, get a feather light replacement guitar body.  Whatever else is “Urgent” to you just bring it in.  We’ll do it while you wait and generally no followup visits to pay for.

The Rock & Roll Doctor is in.

We’re building satisfied players….. One Haywire Guitar at a time!!

       When someone contacts the Haywire Custom Shop to re-build or repair a guitar or do a set up sometimes it’s the same feeling that a doctor has about operating on his own child. It’s hard to let go of your guitar-even for some needed updating and modifications.  So, trust is the key.  Once the player has faith that we care and will do a good job then the process begins in earnest. We like to see happy guitar players-often.

We have available NOW
 ” One Day Urgent Care Guitar Services

for any special needs guitars needed NOW!
We’ll do it in one day.


Haywire Custom Guitars

“Musicians Working For Musicians”

One Day Urgent Care Services For Guitar Players

8 Point Tune-Up     Recessed Heel     Neck Shave or re-profiling  

  Treble Bleed Circuit   Neck Adjustment/straightening/leveling frets/truss rod adjustments/fret crowning and polishing 
Neck Replacement     Fret Replacement     Pick-Up Replacement