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T-Style Custom Shop Guitars

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image of Haywire Custom Guitars Telecaster Custom Shop Guitar
Photo of Haywire Custom Guitars Telecaster Custom Shop Guitar Pickup Design for a T-style custom shop guitar

T-Style Custom Shop Guitars

Need a T-style Custom Shop Guitar? How Custom should it be?

Specs desired for a Custom Shop T-style guitar by one customer include the following:
Gibson Scale (24-3/4″) Conversion Telecaster Neck
WOOD: Maple/Indian Rosewood
RIGHT/LEFT: Right Handed
NUT WIDTH:1-11/16″
NECK PROFILE: 59 Round back
TUNER REAM Hole Size: Sperzel (25/64″)
INLAYS: Cream Face Dots
SIDE DOTS: White Side Dots
RADIUS: Straight 10″
SCALE:24-3/4″ Conversion
MOUNTING HOLES: Standard 4 Bolt
STRING NUT: White Corian – Standard Nut
FINISH: Aged Satin Finish
MODEL: Telecaster
WOOD: Alder
RIGHT/LEFT: Right handed
ROUT: Rear Rout
PICKUP ROUT: Strat (Neck), Strat (Middle), P90 (Bridge)
CONTROLS:V-T-X-5 (Strat)
BRIDGE: American Standard Flat Mount
JACK ROUT:7/8″ (22mm) Side Jack Hole installed with electro-socket
MOUNTING HOLES: Standard 4 Bolt
COUNTOURS:/ Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour/Neck pocket outside contour
PICKUPS: NEW LOLLAR P-90, And Lollar Strat Neck and Middle
TUNERS: Black Locking tuners

This may sound like a lot of requests in one guitar, but it’s common to work on a blueprint like the above example to build the perfect guitar for a customer. Their design-our construction.

If you need a modified Telecaster pickup configuration or a T-style custom shop guitar-we can do it for you.

What is a Nashville Tele or T-style Nashville Guitar?

What about a Nashville Telecaster custom guitar?

What’s a Nashville Tele? Simply put, it’s a Strat with a Tele bridge pickup built on a Telecaster body. At The Haywire Custom Shop we can put any pickup combination to work for you. P-90’s, Mini-Humbuckers, full-sized humbuckers, any combination of Strat pickup as well as active pickup sets. And with a 5-way switch you can get the same combinations with all the Quack as in a Strat complete with Humbucking modes in any switch position you need! When we add our 7-Sound switch-you get 2 more pickup combinations!

We add our exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to this guitar, giving you the two additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together.