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Surf Green Guitar

Custom 22 fret Bound Rosewood/Maple Guitar Surf Green Guitar: Custom 22 fret Bound Rosewood/Maple Strat+7 Sound Switching+ Treble Bleed Circuit installed + Bridge Tone Control [...]

Mahogany Vintage Guitar

Mahogany Vintage Guitar From the Haywire Custom Shop: image Haywire Custom Guitars Custom Shop Mahogany Vintage Guitar in Black with Amber neck and Black Pearl [...]

Active Pickup Guitar

Haywire Custom Shop X- Light-Blonde Active Pickup Guitar + Bound Custom Ebony Neck + Block Inlay + New EMG SA Pickups + 7 Sound Switching [...]

Great Guitars

Do you have an emergency guitar on hand? If not, why not? Don't you have an extra pair of shoes? A spare tire? Do you have spare guitar picks? Strings? Why not a spare guitar in case of emergency? You may want to think about it. Taking a second guitar to a gig is not just a good idea but a necessity in most cases. Think about having your most prized tool-duplicated for emergency purposes. It's great to have a spare!

How Many Different Kinds Of Guitars Do You Sell? Which Is Your Favorite Guitar?

At Haywire Custom Shop we get some great questions from players. Here is one of those questions.......... Tusher44 How many different kinds of guitars do [...]

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