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Eddie Lastra

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Eddie Lastra

USPS was very efficient this week. The axe arrived today to my pleasant surprise. First impressions, I’m blown away at how nice this looks and sounds. The neck is wonderful, the weight is just right. It’s aesthetically and physically well balanced. I can see myself playing through long sets without feeling fatigued. Initially out of the box, the strings buzzed but that was because the action was very low, strings almost touching the frets. Maybe the neck shifted a bit in transit? Neck looks okay though. Is that the truss adjuster on the side of the neck? I adjusted the bridge to bring the action up to my specs and it feels great. I think I’m going to get spoiled by this neck. Chord tones have a nice shimmer to them when strummed, single notes punchier than I’m used to, most likely due to the EMG’s which sound nicer than Gibson ’57 humbuckers. It’s feels funny to go back to a standard strat after playing this guitar. Well, those are my first impressions. I’m going to play it at a jam session this weekend, that will be the true test. I have a feeling it’s going to be a real blast to play. I’ll call you Monday and let you know how it all went.

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Eddie Lastra

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