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Russ Annixter

/Russ Annixter

Russ Annixter

Hey Rick,

You were right. I don’t want to put this bass down!  Even though I’ve only been playing a year, I’ve played on about 8 other basses. This one you made is definitely the best. It even beats out my Fender Jazz Fret less that also has a Warmoth Neck, and I Love that Fret less. The guys in my office think this P-bass sounds the best of the bunch, too, and I quite agree. It sounds and feels great! Plus it is a real beauty to boot! I may even be able to sell a couple of other basses that I’ve been sitting on since I’d rather play this one. The sound through my small practice amp is so great that I can’t wait to try it and hear it on a full size amp with some power.

If I had to stretch and come up with a criticism, it would be that this bass has too much sustain for a P-bass (at least in my opinion). I know that I need to get better at muting the strings, but what a great problem to have….A bass that sustains too much! Instruments should not only be well crafted, but be works of art unto themselves. This one surely is. I am already thinking ahead to have you build me another one….Maybe next year! I’ll keep in touch.


Russ Annixter • New York City

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