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Acoustic Guitar Neck Shaving

Haywire Custom Shop Acoustic Guitar Neck Shaving Option✅

Acoustic guitar neck shaving, thinning or reshaping a guitar neck, re-profiling an acoustic guitar neck or shaping and duplicating guitar necks? We do it all as a result, you feel more comfortable with your guitar. Therefore, if you have a neck that you just love but it’s a bit too thick-we’ll shave it for you.  $135.00 plus return shipping to your door will get guitar neck shaving done to a thickness more comfortable for you.  We’ll also replace the finish on the back to help preserve the wood and keep it smooth and beautiful.

Acoustic Guitar Neck Shaving: What is Your Preference, A Thin Neck or Thick Neck?

image Haywire Custom Guitars-Aging Guitars

Neck thickness should be chosen for what best fits your hands, not the “tone” it has.  Furthermore, that should be the major consideration in the choice of your new neck. The timbre of a fat vs. thin neck is rarely noticeable, because most of the tone comes from your playing technique–not the wood.

On an electric guitar, tones are affected by everything from amplification to pedals, pickups, pickup height, strings, picks, technique to speakers and enclosures. With all of those influences on your sound how much does “wood thickness” affect the tone? Not much. On an acoustic the wood matters. Thinner wood is better. Sometimes thinner necks are better too! You decide. We’ll do the rest for you

Acoustic Guitar Neck Shaving Is a Viable Option for Maximum Comfort

In a live playing situation “wood tones” in an electric guitar are much less noticeable.  Let’s say everything is equal and the guitar is perfectly in tune and intoned.  The overall sound of your guitar, on a rare occasion, may be affected by a fatter/ thicker neck but realistically only when you are playing an electric guitar without the guitar plugged into an amp. Most of all, high gain electric guitar tone is very much dependent on a player’s technique and comfort with his instrument and not the thickness of a neck. The same applies to neck thickness on acoustic guitars. Therefore, guitar neck shaving is a viable option for comfort without changing the sound of the instrument.

image Guitar Neck shaving and guitar neck profile building at Haywire Custom Guitars

Neck tone is an issue that no empirical evidence has ever put to rest. However, comfort does affect your playing ability and technique which is what matters most in finding and maintaining your tone. Start with finding an acoustic guitar that makes playing a joy and enhances your technique in a way that allows you to play your best. Let us get the neck profile thickness “just right” for you.

       Consider Acoustic Guitar Neck Shaving?

The alternative to buying and re-setting your acoustic guitar neck is an acoustic guitar neck shaving

We’ll Shave Your Existing acoustic neck to a More Comfortable Profile So You Have a Better Feel.

Both Acoustic and Electric Guitar Neck Shaving and Profiling make playing a joy again.

What we’ll do for your guitar neck:

When we perform acoustic guitar neck shaving, it’s intended for musicians who are working and need a more comfortable tool for their jobs. After the neck shave, it will then play and feel better for that player. A guitarist’s tool is not intended to be entered into a beauty contest. His/Her guitar is a work tool used to get across a musical point, to entertain and ultimately pay the bills. If your neck thickness is an impediment to your playing, then guitar neck shaving is the right approach to more playing comfort for you.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Neck Shaving and Profiling

We’ll shave your guitar neck to help you become more comfortable with your guitar and finally, play better.  We then apply a finish simply to prevent moisture from absorption into the neck wood. If you are a guitar collector, neck shaving may or may not improve the resale value of your instrument.  More often than not, anything that you do to an original instrument will take value away. Many buyers love all the flaws and patina of an old guitar.  Therefore, we recommend shaving only the guitar necks used in your work, your gigs, your recording sessions and concerts.

image Guitar Neck shaving, Reshaping A Guitar Neck in the Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop

Guitar Neck shaving in the Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop for max hand comfort.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to inquire about Guitar Neck Shaving for your acoustic and electric guitar necks!

                           Need a better and more comfortable playing feel on your neck?

   Guitar Neck shaving in the Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop for max hand comfort is for You!

Guitar neck shaving, thinning or reshaping a guitar neck, re-profiling a guitar neck or shaping and duplicating guitar necks? We do it all as a result, you feel more comfortable with your guitar.

Therefore, when you have an electric or acoustic guitar neck that you just love but it’s a bit too thick, we’ll shave it for you.  

How To Communicate the Neck Outcome You’d Like?

The best way to communicate what you need is to either work with specs from your existing neck or send a neck along with the one you’d like shaved. Ideally the sample neck you send should be what you’d liked duplicated on the neck to be shaved. We can duplicate any guitar necks you have.

If you want to us to work from an existing neck, then move the strings off of the fret board and take thickness measurements with a digital caliper in between the frets on the wood. We do this every time a neck comes into the shop. Take the sample thicknesses from-1st fret   3rd     5th     7th      9th     12fth frets.

From those measurements we’ll be able to determine how much you need removed to make it a better playing neck for you.  Similarly, we use those thickness numbers to work as a blueprint on your guitar.

Here is a typical example of the info we share with you when we get your neck in the shop to be shaved:

The specs as it came into the shop are as follows:

1st fret   3rd     5th     7th      9th     12th

.925     .947    .963   .977    .991     1.10

After guitar neck shaving here are the new specs as follows:

1st fret    3rd      5th     7th      9th     12th

.829       .850   .890     .901   .904     .932

In the same way, we can get the reduction as close as possible within a few thousandths of what you need removed.

There are other ways to communicate your desired result, such as simply: “I’d like a 20% reduction” and we can do that.

The more specific you can be with your request, then the better the outcome will be. We can duplicate anything you send us as well.

The other consideration is the back profile and if you’d like it to stay the same or if you want a change.

Guitar Neck: Back Profiles

What is a “neck profile?” It simply refers to the shape of the back of a guitar neck. It’s also referred to as the neck “back shape.”

You can find neck and back profiles here:

Just send a check for your guitar neck shaving ($135.00) and/or setup ($45) plus $26 return shipping per guitar/neck back to you will get guitar neck shaving done to a thickness more comfortable for you.

If you’d like a setup, then send the whole guitar. Detail what you’d like done as far as shaving if you know the measurements.

We’ll also replace the finish on the back to help preserve the wood and keep it smooth and beautiful.

Best of all, no waiting. We work on the neck as soon as it gets here. The turnaround time is 2 days or less from when we receive it.

2 things to remember when shipping to us:

Firstly, forget buying “signature required” services and save your money.  Our postal carriers know where to leave your neck safely and securely.

Second, if you do not want to remove your tuners that is fine. Please let us know if the tuners are designed with moving, delicate, unscrewing things that can drop off or get lost. String barrels that disappear or any other parts that you know could possibly loosen up, please remind us.  We can tape up the tuners before work is performed. In that way, we won’t lose parts and you won’t be disappointed. A small heads-up goes a long way.  We want to make sure you are completely happy!

These tips will save you money, save time by getting us the neck sooner and delivered safely and fully intact.   Remember: “We are musicians working for musicians”.  Thanks for asking us to work for you”.

Send your neck or guitar to us here:

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