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Haywire Signature Guitars – The Tremolo Custom

The Haywire Tremolo is one tricked out guitar. The most prominent feature is the Bigsby tremolo. For tuning stability, we couple the Bigsby with a Tune-O-Matic bridge.  This body also features a deluxe style tummy cut for extra comfort on the gig.

This guitar comes standard with the smooth and powerful Double Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge position, complemented by a Lollar Special T in the neck position for a unique tonal combination. A Haywire coil tap switch turns your bridge pickup into a total twang monster when you need it, and the Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit guarantees that your high frequencies shine through, even at low volumes.

The most prominent feature is the Bigsby tremolo

Playing past the 12th fret of your neck is effortless on this guitar, thanks to the Haywire exclusive Recessed Heel Crest Option that gives you greater access and control by removing the bulky heel crest wood that blocks your hand on a traditional neck. The Haywire Tremolo Custom gives you a wide selection of Warmoth necks to choose from, giving you the neck profile and radius that’s best for you.  The standard stainless steel frets add to the experience, giving you ultra long life and silky smooth bends. As with all Haywire Signature Guitars, every Haywire Tremolo Custom is built to your individual specifications with unlimited custom wiring choices and component selections for a truly individual playing experience!

Tremolo Custom is built to your individual specifications

Haywire Custom Guitars: Features

  • Bigsby Tremolo
  • Tune-o-Matic bridge
  • Double Duncan Hot Rails™ in the bridge position with a Lollar Special T in the neck position
  • 3-position toggle switch with Les Paul® wiring
  • Coil tap switch
  • Haywire Treble Bleed Circuitry
  • Deluxe style tummy cut for comfort
  • Hardshell case included
  • Free worldwide shipping



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