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image Haywire Custom Guitars Active Quilt Top Guitar
Haywire Custom Guitars Active Quilt Top Guitar

What is the Right Guitar?

It takes more than just talent to have successful music career and for a musician be master of an instrument to become fluent in the language of music.

Quote from a young guitarist : “I’d love to have lots of expensive
guitars but since I can’t really afford it, I’m pleased with a guitar
which sounds good enough so I can improve my skills on it
“. Very wise words indeed!

Your guitar shouldn’t de-tune much, it shouldn’t sound like an
industrial tuning fork, however it should play properly, fret perfectly and sound angelic. Many new music students who feel they can’t really sound good unless they spend several thousand dollars on gear.

You don’t have to spend crazy money to get a decent guitar.

image of guitar fingerboard radius
The right parts for the right player

Indeed, a good instrument will improve your playing not because it looks good but it feels and sounds good! With a great guitar you will be more motivated to play. If you really love playing, your heart will crave to progress and develop better means of self expression. The fact that you own a good instrument will serve as a great motivator.

Tone lies in the hands of the player. Your hands can get the best out of a good instrument. A $300 guitar can be a good guitar if serviced by the right tech. It’s not compulsory to have a $4,000 custom shop Gibson Les Paul, to say that you have a good guitar.
If your guitar is set up properly, balanced right, sounds great and has the necessary functions available for your needs it’s the right guitar for you.

photo image of guitar string worn fingertips
Music is not always pretty

Having an instrument that is physically comfortable to play, sounds great in any situation, is quiet until asked to speak loudly, is light weight, and good looks to suit your style, will definitely keep your motivation up and make playing easier for sure. The best guitar is the one that enables you to get your sound, do what you demand of it, whatever that may be, and feel comfortable. It your best tool.

The Right Guitar!

The practical difference between a “nice” guitar and a top level,
hand built, Axe can be substantial. If you need to have pro
grade gear, get it. Don’t settle for less. The better the instrument, the less you have to fight it. So don’t stress. It’s not part of the job. Play stress-free.
Getting pinch harmonics, adequate gain, workable tone, quietness in the studio and onstage are all important aspects of a great instrument.

Most of the supposed “extras” you find on guitars are simply marketing gimmicks.

image of active Haywire Custom Guitar with EMG pickups
Active Haywire Custom Guitar with EMG pickups

Most of the supposed “extras” you find on guitars are just marketing
gimmicks. There’s no need to spend thousands to get a great guitar.
Personal preference is the key. When I finally got a great guitar it all felt a little more effortless, smoother and just plain easier. It’s all worth the process.

I need the right guitar for me. Exactly! You play and sound different from anyone else and so should your guitar.
It all boils down to just choosing and using the best guitar that
suits your needs. Price is not always the final determining final factor.

A good guitar tech with great listening skills+an open minded player+verbalization of needs+desire for the perfect instrument = the best possible outcome when finding your ideal instrument.

Guitar sound and play-ability motivates a player to practice more, because it inspires. Top of the range equipment, excellent ideas and implementation designed by the player and tech together will promote and allow everything to happen faster and effortlessly.

Wide Neck Option

Advantages of a wide neck:

A wide neck electric guitar means that you can allow more room between the strings. It’s great for a beginner or a Pro with larger hands. Your playing will improve immensely.  Confidence and more comfort is evident on a wide neck guitar. If you need this option, we can provide a very suitable wider neck for you. The choices are: 1-3/4″, 1-7/8″, 2″ and 2-1/8″ wide widths.

The wide neck guitar is for larger players, Big guys who have big hands and fingers need these guitars. The added spacing between the strings make your guitar easier to play and give you more confidence that the target will be easier to hit.

There are some acoustic guitars that feature a wide neck and more space between the strings. If you are used to playing one of these, then this wide neck on your new electric guitar will feel very familiar.

Once you play a wide neck guitar the new experience will not only be amazing but greatly appreciated by your fingers.

Customers who want special custom shop guitars and features without the custom shop prices, here we are. Thanks again for your support, patronage of our dedicated custom shop and confidence in our abilities.