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The Floyd Brothers

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Haywire Custom Shop Media: Floyd Brothers

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The Floyd Brothers

The Brothers are Haywire Artists using Haywire Guitars on an original recording of original songs. This fantastic album is called: “The Floyd Brothers” and features Mickey Floyd, His brother-Randy-both on lead guitar and vocals as well as Warren Leazer-Bass, Jimma’ James-Drums, Randy Gilky-Piano, synth and organ, Tim Gordon-Sax, Jeff Swofford-Trumpet, John G. Franklin-Trombone and lead vocals on Forever More.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this great CD, you can do so Floyd Brothers.

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Through the years, we at Haywire Custom Shop of South Carolina USA realized that many guitar players really have very little understanding of the scope and purpose of a custom guitar shop.  We discovered this quite accidentally by listening closely to some of the questions received over the last few years.  For example, one question that still comes up often is, “Nice guitar-but how does it play?”

That question always puzzles us. Why? Because our job as a Custom Guitar Shop is to simply make every guitar we sell play exactly how the player who buys it wants it to play!  We are the experts, and can make any neck modifications, electronics changes, or custom changes that you like.