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Harvey Bryant Special

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Description: Special Haywire Custom Signature Guitar

The Harvey Bryant Special is a 5.7Lb. Very Lightweight GreenBurst Custom 21 fret Maple/Amber Strat Style electric Guitar. The neck is Amber tinted maple. It features a Special 7 Sound Switching for any conceivable 3 pickup combination and Treble-Bleed Circuit with an actual Working Bridge Tone Control and Amber tinted Neck. It has 22 frets and a ’59 Round Back profile.


Light-weight Haywire Custom Harvey Bryant Signature Guitar

image Harvey Bryant Special Guitar
Haywire Custom Guitars Greenburst Harvey Bryant Special Guitar

Harvey Bryant Signature Guitar

In South Carolina is a place called Conway, and is home to one of the best wood workers/upholsterers in the county of Horry. His name is Harvey Bryant and he is a guitar player and guitar collector with a keen eye for what makes a guitar look, feel and sound great. This guitar embodies all of the features Harvey chooses for his perfect guitar. What else could we call it, but the Harvey Bryant Special?

“Building satisfied players one Haywire Custom guitar at a time!” We Ship World Wide!

Haywire Custom Guitar Finish :1960’s Retro Green Burst Color+21 fret Maple Strat+Amber 12″ Radius Neck with Black dots design with Light-5.7Lb total weight. Color: Green Burst, Amber Maple neck with Tortoise Guard and aged pickup covers.

The Harvey has Great Tone and Sustain with lots of resonance. A Green Burst guitar + New Pickups+Modified with-all chrome hardware. Installed are Haywire Noiseless SRV Hot Pickups.

It has a working Tone Control on Bridge Pickup with a 7 Sound Switch Added Between the two Tones pots to obtain any conceivable 3 pickup combination you want and need as a player. There is a Treble bleed circuit included.

The Harvey includes: 7 Way Switching includes-3 Single Coil and 2 Humbucking Modes.

Variable Treble Bleed Circuit is included: keeps the tone you have on “10” throughout the entire range of the volume control circuit. Added to output of the volume control to keep the highs from leaving your tone when the volume is decreased. By adding this circuit we can help you avoid the “muddy-tone” syndrome. Now your tone is much more controllable and articulate.

Variable Treble Bleed Circuit

When the Treble Bleed Circuit is included: Turning the volume control applies varying amounts of a specially tuned high frequency filter to the selected pickups. Now each pickup has the ability to produce a stronger, fuller tone and 50% less noise. This variable treble bleed circuit is pre-installed. It corrects the problem of high frequency losses and provides auto-adjustment of tone at reduced volumes and improves audio taper between 3 and 10.

image Haywire Custom Harvey Bryant Signature Guitar
Haywire Custom Guitars Greenburst Haywire Custom Harvey Bryant Signature Guitar

We hear you.


In MOST Stratocaster style guitars the tone control doesn’t work for the bridge-only pickup. This one on the Harvey Bryant Special works for you!

Recessed Heel Crest added for

Improved hand access

Faster playing and more room on the neck

Easier and smoother note bending

Less stress on fingering hand

Cleaner, clearer notes

More responsive hand-tapping

Easier sweep arpeggios

Better trills and hammer-ons

Quicker pull-offs

image headstock of a Haywire Custom Harvey Bryant Signature Guitar
Haywire Custom Harvey Bryant Signature Guitar

NORMAL Position 1 of the 5-way selector switch activates the bridge pickup alone by engaging the toggle switch at this point it will activate the neck pickup giving you the bridge and neck pickups together.

Likewise, with the 5-way selector switch in the second position with the bridge and middle pickups activated, a flick of the toggle switch adds the neck pickup to the equation which gives you ALL of the pickups together. Two choices now missing on a stock Strat. In the quick Run-Down: Here’s what you’ll get after we added the 7 Sound Toggle Switch between the Tone Controls :

Position 1-Will give you tones and sounds reminiscent of the“Byrds” Rickenbacker tone.

Position 2-Will make all three pickups available at one time.

5-way switch pickup selections PLUS Your 2 new selections:
position #1 Bridge pickup alone bridge + neck in parallel  
2nd position is bridge + middle pickup in parallel all three pickups in parallel
position 3 middle pickup alone
4th position is middle + neck pickup in parallel
position 5 neck pickup alone

The treble bleed circuit …

This guitar body has a very warm and crisp sound. It is built light and resonant for sustaining notes. The treble bleed circuit keeps it clear with a good strong signal all the way down. You can add extra bass with the tone controls. The middle pickup is a RWRP which is wired like a humbucker in positions 2 and 4 on the 5 way switch. Overall a great choice for many styles and genres. Because of it’s very light weight, it is extremely and comfortable to play all night long.

Custom Shop Axes-without the Custom Shop Prices! Haywire Guitar Custom Guitars-Home of the “Gig Ready” Guitar! This Haywire Guitar comes with one year warranty on our workmanship from Haywire Custom Guitars.

image Haywire Custom Guitars Greenburst Harvey Bryant Special
Haywire Custom Guitars Greenburst Harvey Bryant Special