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We can add wide guitar necks to any guitar however if you have large hands we have some special necks just for you! You have a choice at Haywire Custom Shop of: 1-7/8″, 2″ or 2-1/8″ widths with 22 frets. 

Our wide necks are for BIG guys. You know who you are and so do we.

If your fingers are big, small neck guitars leave much to be desired with no room for movement. If you’re a big guy with a standard guitar neck,  it’s not going to feel right. The standard width guitar neck will be too small for you. If you have a size 15 foot you need a size 15 shoe. Let us get you the right neck for your hand size. We are musicians working for musicians-let us work for you and get you the right equipment to be your best!

Start with the right equipment. Please don’t let your guitar neck be a roadblock to your success. Bigger guys, with bigger fingers, need bigger necks.

Haywire Custom Guitars wide guitar necks

Why wide guitar necks?

This wide nut design is comfortable for you, if you’re big. If you need “extra room” between the strings -you got it!. We have your guitar that is great to play, with all the standard features, superior tone, lasting sustain built just for “Big Guitar Players”.

Advantages of a wide neck:

A wide neck electric guitar means that you can allow more room between the strings. It’s great for a beginner or a Pro. Your playing will improve immensely.  Confidence and more comfort is evident on a wide neck guitar.

The wide neck guitar is for larger players, Big guys who have big hands and fingers need these guitars. The added spacing between the strings make your guitar easier to play and give you more confidence that the target will be easier to hit.

There are some acoustic guitars that feature a wide neck and more space between the strings. If you are used to playing one of these, then this wide neck on your new electric guitar will feel very familiar.

Firstly, once you play our wide neck guitar the new experience will not only be amazing but greatly appreciated by your fingers. Second, it’s the best playing experience you’ll have.

Customers who want special custom shop guitars and features without the custom shop prices, here we are. Thanks again for your support, patronage of our dedicated custom shop and confidence in our abilities. 

Haywire Custom Guitars wide guitar necks