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Haywire Signature Guitars – The Roy Buchanan Tribute Custom

The last time I saw Roy in 1988, we had a conversation about what makes him fall in love with a guitar.  I’ve thought about that conversation often and decided to put everything that he told me into this Roy Buchanan Tribute guitar.

I began with an Alder body with a natural blond finish, chrome knobs with mother of pearl tops accented by a classic black pick guard.  The string through body routing design gives you exceptional resonance, with the vintage style hard tail bridge adding the sustain and precision intonation control of the Gotoh six-saddle chrome bridge.

The powerful tone of this guitar is driven by Classic a Lollar ’52 T Series pickup set.  The addition of the Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit that insures that you don’t lose your high frequencies.  When you need to play at a lower volume it’s clear from 1-10.  The three-way switching is enhanced by Haywire Custom Guitars exclusive 4-Way Option.  This adds the setting of using both pickups in series for powerful fat and distinctive sound.

The action on this guitar is super fast, thanks to the Warmoth 9 1/2 radius thin profile neck.  This neck has great sustain, and the stainless steel frets give it a long life and silky smooth note bends.  

Every Roy Buchanan Tribute guitar is built to each individual customer’s specifications.  Most of all, included are unlimited custom wiring and component selections. The result is a guitar that was built to fit in your hands. also, with the ability to produce virtually any sound that you can imagine.


  • Alder or Swamp Ash guitar body
  •  String through body routing design for resonance
  •  Warmoth 9-1/2 inch radius thin profile maple neck
  •  Stainless steel frets
  •  Gotoh six-saddle chrome bridge and tuners
  • Classic a Lollar ’52 T Series pickup set
  •  3 Way switching with Haywire Custom Guitars exclusive 4-Way Option
  •  Chrome knobs with white mother of pearl tops
  •  Black pick guard
  •  Classic American Haywire over-wound or Lollar vintage pickups
  •  Hard shell guitar case included
  •  Free worldwide shipping



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