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“Custom” is all about-YOU! Whether you have a Bass or Guitar.

Ever ask yourself: What Kind Of Guitar Neck Is It Time For?

Well….have you considered thickness as well as your preferred back profile… here are a few profiles you can choose from:

image of Haywire Custom Guitars SRV custom neck contour
What Neck Back Profile Do You Prefer?

Custom Guitar Neck

image of Haywire Custom Guitars Standard Thin Neck Back Profile
image of Haywire Custom Guitars Clapton Neck Back Profile
image of Haywire Custom Guitars Fat Back Neck profile
image of Haywire Custom Guitars Boat Back contour
image of Haywire Custom Guitars Wizard Neck profile
image of Haywire Custom Guitars '59 Round back Neck profile

What Are Custom Guitar Necks?

A “Custom Guitar Neck”? Why? Because, It’s all about-YOU!
What Are Custom Guitar Necks? Easy answer! They are simply guitar necks that suit the user only-YOU. Every guitar player has different hands. There are as many hand sizes as guitar players. If you’re a player, why should you settle for the necks out there that come standard equipment on guitars which don’t fit your hands? You don’t need to. This is where a custom guitar neck comes in.

Yes, there is a solution to your uncomfortable guitar neck.

Guitar manufacturers don’t care if you don’t like their necks-they just want to get the guitar out the door. A guitar tech, builder or Luthier has the skills to tailor a guitar neck to fit your hands. That’s what we do. That’s why we have jobs. We can do what manufacturers fail to do in addressing the needs of guitar players like yourself.

We have the skills to tailor a guitar neck for your hands

It’s not always necessary to settle for what the “music store” has to sell you. Do better for yourself. Yes, there is a solution to your uncomfortable guitar neck.

image Guitar Fingerboard Radius
Find your perfect Guitar Fingerboard Radius for max comfort
image Guitar Neck shaving, Reshaping A Guitar Neck in the Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop
Guitar Neck shaving in the Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop for max hand comfort.

There are many ways to get you the best feeling custom guitar neck possible. We know all of them! Ask us. “Custom” is all about-YOU!

The Total Guitar Neck Replacement Option Cost is Only $75 Plus Return Shipping + The cost of your custom guitar neck

Picking Your Ideal Neck

Neck thickness should be chosen for what best fits your hands, therefore not the “tone” it has.  That should be the major consideration in the choice of your new neck. The timbre of a fat neck is noticeable however, most of the tone comes from your playing technique-not the wood.  Furthermore, on electric guitar tones are affected by everything from the pickups and amplification to pedals, picks, string gauge and speaker enclosures.

comfort affects your playing ability

In a live playing situation “wood tones” in an electric guitar will become even less noticeable.  The overall sound of your guitar may be noticeably affected by a fatter/ thicker neck but generally only when you are playing without the guitar plugged in to an amp.  So, remember another thought. High gain electric guitar tone is very much dependent on a player’s technique, control and comfort with his instrument and not the thickness of a neck.

Guitar Neck Replacement

However, comfort affects your playing ability, which is an important factor in your technique.  Neck tone is an issue that no empirical evidence has ever put to rest.

First of all, start with finding a guitar you love to play with a neck that makes playing a joy.  Then, also, either send us the specs or simply send your neck to us at the Haywire Custom Shop and we’ll duplicate it for you.

Haywire Custom Shop Custom Guitar Necks and Back Contours Option

replacing a bolt-on guitar neck is often a considerably less expensive option

Most noteworthy, guitar back contour is the profile or grip shape of the neck back.

How much wood does it take to almost fill up your hand?  While too little equates to quicker hand fatigue, hence too much even worse, you can’t reach around it.  Another, question comes to mind.

Due to style, do you play thumb over?

In conclusion. Seems like, almost all players gravitate to a certain feel. Probably, you can find something you really like here. In Addition, check out your favorite guitar and either compare its neck thickness, (fingerboard face to the back of the neck), to the ones below or measure your favorite neck.

Warmoth Custom Back profiles featured in many Haywire Custom Guitars