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Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. USA✅2007 Lees Landing Cir, Conway, SC

Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. USA✅


Google reviews Guitar store in Horry County, South Carolina

Howie Sound This isn’t a “I have had my guitar for a whole 3 hours and I mean to tell ya it’s the best guitar I’ve ever owned!” review. I bought my custom Stratocaster from Rick in June of 2015. I could have EASILY paid twice what I paid at “Unnamed Guitar Warehouse” and gotten half the guitar (I know because I’ve been there and done that!). After playing it for a full year in my home studio, I can tell you it is, hands down, the best guitar I have ever owned… and I have played the guitar for 43 years and have owned / currently own some classics.
I write and record music in my home studio, and I love how pristinely quiet the electronics are. When I’m recording, forget noise gates… a noisy guitar is a show stopper. The Strat is the first guitar I’ve ever owned that didn’t have an electronic buzz depending on whether my hands were touching the strings or whether I was wearing shoes, etc. The Strat’s custom Warmouth neck fits my hand perfectly. The active EMG-SA pickup system sounds sweet. The action, was the best I had ever played – that is until I received my refurbished Gibson from Haywire 2 weeks ago (more on that below)!
Don’t take my word for it… read his website, and you’ll quickly realize that this guy gets it, and he does. I will never buy a store-bought guitar again. In addition to all of this, it is beautiful. Rick’s name for it was “Active Blackie”… black body, black pickup guard, black pickups, natural finish neck, and all gold hardware (at my request). After a year of playing it, it is simply a phenomenal studio guitar.
I have been so delighted with the custom Strat I bought from Rick in June of 2015, that a few weeks ago, I sent Rick my ’76 Gibson Les Paul Custom to refurb.
I have had it back for about 2 weeks now, and to my surprise and delight, it plays even better than my Strat! The action is insane. I’ve never had a guitar setup with action this low that didn’t buzz on the frets. I wanted new gold hardware, which Rick added, but he sent me all of the original parts when he returned my guitar. The treble-bleed circuits he put on the Gibson’s pots make the guitar sound much better at low volumes. I could have paid someone else double the amount I paid Rick, and there’s no possible way it could have been done better.

William Bronchick Bought three great guitars from Haywire – great quality and value!

Rmynatt About all I can say is WOW ! But there’s more…

First of all …. If you didn’t know the neck had been worked on …. You wouldn’t be able to tell from a visual inspection.

The feel of the ‘new’ profile …, is really, REALLY noticeable especially in the area of the 1st thru 7th frets. The chunk-i-ness of the ‘old’ neck has always made rhythm work a little more difficult ( for me ).

The ‘Heel-Crest’ mod is spectacular ! As soon as you start to play licks around the 15th fret and you can certainly tell ! Quite frankly, it seems to make a difference even as low as the 12th fret !

The scallop is very nice too ! But I only asked for it because the E & B strings would sometimes slip under my fingers when bending in the 21st & 22nd frets …. It’ll take some adjusting to …, insomuch as I don’t need to choke the neck to keep the string under my fingers any longer !

Having significantly less wood in the neck has ‘thinned’ out the tone slightly …. But …, not in a ‘bad’ way at all ! In fact, it seems to have shifted the mid-range focus from more of a low-mid ( before ) to a high-mid ( after ) !

ALL in ALL the sum total of these changes have been unbelievably positive, and more than I could have even hoped for when I first contacted you !

Finally …, I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to say that you pretty much ‘saved’ the guitar for me ! As I mentioned previously long periods of playing would cramp my left hand ( probably from some of the extreme stretching and reaching I had to do in some positions ) ….

And all of it would have been pretty much for nothing if I can’t play it comfortably ! I’m very happy to say that based on first impressions I don’t think that’s going to be necessary !

THANKS AGAIN for everything !

– R.D.

guy capilli The strat I purchases from Haywire Custom Guitars, is a great value. I own 2 TA’s and 1 Suhr guitar. If the house was on fire, I would grab the strat. Rick was great to work with, and setup the guitar for me, saving me time and money.

Aidan Moore Fantastic guitars. Way back I got a strat with some hot pickups after my les Paul was stolen. Truely loved that guitar more then the Gibson. As far as quality goes well strats are mass produced. Your getting a hand made instument here so for sure the quality is beyond even the higher and strats. Even those really expensive signature models. It’s like getting a custom shop strat without the brand name or the price! And Rick is just about the nicest guy you’ll ever speak to. He cares about your satisfaction and truely takes pride in his work. He’ll sit there on the phone with you and make sure you get everything you want out of this guitar. He’s also very knowledgeable and will make suggestions that I know helped me out a great deal especially with pick-up selection and neck widths. I took a class on building guitars and it used to be a hobby of mine to go to guitar center and play all the different guitars so I like to think I know a thing or two about guitars. NOTHING I’ve picked up sounds looks and most importantly feels as good as my Haywire. Ever since the first one it’s all I buy. Especially for the price it’s a steal. Really I just returned a Stevie strat to order one of Ricks masterpieces. Like i said I’m hooked. After feeling the quality in the craftsmanship in these guitars you cant go back to buying anything else. And as far as sound like I said Rick Wil take the time and work with you to get that thing sounding however you’d like. And the stainless steel frets i can’t even find on anyother guitars. The sound and the feel you get out of them really makes a unique instument. Again Rick is very experienced and knowledgeable which really helps when you talk to him about the feel you want in the guitar. I always worry about the neck getting a guitar i haven’t played yet. The necks gotta feel right in my hands. And boy does he get it right. You tell him what you want and he’ll give you a neck with the exact feel you want thats where his experience really shows. My absolute favorite part is having a guitar that is truely my own. Something unique that I can get on stage with that no one else can. Like Eddy Van Halens Frankenstrat. If your performing youll surely get some attention with these unique instuments that nobody else will have. These guitars have a soul you can really feel it. I love your guitars Rick. Keep rocking

David Katz Rick,

Here are my thoughts, now that I’ve had the guitar for a month.

I bought a Black Tele from your eBay store on 10/9/2017. It’s not one of your “custom” instruments but it’s definitely a quality instrument.
Pretty much everything you claim about your guitar appears to be true. While I have yet to find out exactly what you mean by “SRV” pickups, the sound of the instrument is very balanced, even unique. It is clear and full at the same time. The tone control is very strange in a good way…it changes the tone differently than any other Tele I’ve owned. It almost feels like it is interacting with the impedance of the pickup circuit and makes for some really useful colorations rather than just rolling off the highs. Your treble-compensation circuit works well and keeps the sound from getting muddy when turning down the volume control. The custom rosewood fretboard neck is straight as an arrow and really flat, something some pickers may not like if they are looking for a more standard Fender radiused neck. For me, the 12″ radius and flat fretboard are exactly what I was looking for. The frets are perfect and I like the fact that the truss rod is accessible without removing the neck. The action is easy and true all the way up the neck. The guitar tunes easily and accurately. The body is heavier than I expected. The Strat-like sculpting on the back of the body is a nice touch. The paint and finish are great..the Black color is deep and rich. While I have found a couple of cosmetic imperfections they are hardly significant.

Overall: Given the very reasonable price of this instrument it is a very worthwhile, musical, and pleasing investment. The construction and component quality is excellent, the playability is excellent, and Haywire Guitars obviously takes great care of their instruments and customers. These folks know what they are doing. I would not hesitate to recommend them or to buy another instrument from them.

john forrest I cant say enough about Rick. He is so knowledgeable and talented on all aspects of guitars . Rick has done several set ups for me on guitars that were barely playable and turned them into guitars that I really enjoy playing now. Most recently Rick helped me with a frankencaster tele I was attemping to put together from scratch . Rick provided me with “a lot” of what I needed to complete the guitar and when I encountered problems with the neck/neckpocket fitup he instinctively knew exactly how to fix it. He does beautiful builds and mods and can set up a guitar to anyones preferences. I definitely reccommend Rick whether its a new guitar purchase , mod or professional setup. Rick is very personable and professional . He treats everyone with respect and is intent on making sure you are happy with your guitar.

Tommy Teague The quality of the Fender Telecaster , that i bought from Haywire Custom Guitars , is awesome. The feel of the “custom ” neck fits me perfect. The electronics , with coil tap , Treble Bleed Mini-Humbucker, etc. The action is low ( for light touch ) and set up ready to go . I love it !! I got it at about 1/3 the price i paid for my Fender American Deluxe Strat , and now i’m trying to decide which one i like the best . Also , the service and communication that you get with Rick Mariner is the best i have ever seen !

Wayne Adams Rick is the man! He made playing guitar enjoyable again! He straightened out all the tuning issues I used to have with ALL my guitars!

Robin Barron I love my Haywire it’s one of my favorite guitars the craftmanship and attention to detail is far above that of the big companies. It was a joy to work with Rick he took the time to make sure I got what I wanted . Thanks Rick for all your help

Adrian Real Great customer service and has done a couple of fixes on some of my instruments i would recommend him 100 % the work he has done on my instruments have been phenomenal.

Groove Monkey Haywire Custom Guitars are THE best at any price. TONE for days, fast, comfortable neck, perfectly built, and setup, gig-ready right out of the package. Rock on!

tyler newall Absolutely hands down best value for money item I think I may have ever purchased in my life. Best guitar I’ve ever played, please god don’t go anywhere else these guys are amazing.

shawn thompson I had Rick work on 3 of my guitars. A Gretsch Brian Setzer Nashville 6120 and 2 Les Paul Classics. All 3 play amazing now. Rick set them up perfectly. I thought my #1 LP Classic Goldtop was good the way it was but it plays better than ever before.
Rick also did some wiring improvements and cleaned up some switch issues. His attention to detail and knowledge really impressed me. Rick’s prices are very good. You will not get better work for 3 times what he charges. I know because I have been looking around the area for 2 years to find a good shop to have work done.
This was my first visit to Haywire Guitars and I was glad I made the long drive from Bennettsville, SC. Rick is a really cool guy and he will provide great recommendations about what will work best for your style of play and your gear.

David Parks Rick did a great job installing my guitar neck and setting up my guitar for me. The work was done in a timely manner and It was a pleasure doing business with him.

Wayne Mulari Rick, at Haywire, has done his “magic” on several guitars for me over the last 2 or 3 years. He does great work at a great price point.
I highly recommend his co. and his custom guitars to all guitarists.
Check him out.. you will be glad you did.

David Kincaid Rick Mariner of Haywire guitars is the best in the business, not only through his flawless work, but with the timeliness with which he get things done. Having someone who appreciates that we need things done right away, and is able to do so with superior work, is invaluable to most of us. Anytime I’ve sent him a guitar he gets it right on the bench without delay. He’s worked on at least seven of my guitars, with some pretty serious work being done, including neck shaves on six of them. He’s handles the electronics like an ace as well, and is an amazing designer/builder in his own right. Someday soon I’m going to get him to build me one. Go with Rick at Haywire, there’s some very serious, long experience and expertise there – you won’t regret it. –Dave Kincaid, The Brandos, New York

Randy Floyd Haywire Custom Guitars “Floyd Special”
In the summer of 2015, My brother gave me the awesome opportunity to have Rick Mariner, owner of Haywire Custom Guitars build me the guitar of my dreams. I had full input as to what I wanted in this guitar. I got to pick out the type of body style and neck, frets and pickups that I wanted. Rick even did custom routing on the body for me to have the 5 position selector switch and volume and tone knobs at the exact angle that feels perfectly comfortable for my style of playing. He also did a comfort cutout on the back of the guitar along with a few other pickup features for a multitude of tone choices. I have owned Hollow body and solid body guitars with humbuckers and single coil pickups. This remarkable guitar with three pickups can get pretty much any tone and sound that I need. I am loving playing this guitar and getting many positive comments about the appearance and tones. Rick Mariner did a fantastic job building the best guitar I have ever owned. He was also a joy to work with. Keep up the great work Rick! Randy Floyd – Statesville, NC

john cedio Rick, It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much for helping me choosing a awesome guitar! Your kindness and honesty is very much appreciated!

Phillip Murray Local Guide·90 reviews Just bought my second Haywire Custom Guitar. An amazing value!

I’ve been playing 40 years and have never owned such a great playing, sounding and comfortable guitar. My Haywire Strat is way superior to the Fender American Strat that I recently sold.
They do a spot on professional setup and are super friendly and easy to deal with.

George Davis I have been working as a guitar player in the Myrtle Beach area and beyond since 1980 and I have settled on Haywire as the place I go to for all my Fender type guitar needs Also electronics installs on my set neck instruments, as well as all general guitar upkeep or modifications, or advice on products, options, etc.

Fair, honest, friendly, fast, great prices too.

Justin Lowes Based on some info from my buddy, I brought my Strat to Haywire for a quick wiring fix, and after playing with some of his guitars, decided to do a full rewire and setup. This is by far the best decision I’ve made with my guitar!

Flawless setup job with a smooth action and pristine intonation make my strat play like a completely different and better guitar. The wiring added a coil split to my bridge humbucker, making it more versatile. He also installed a treble bleed circuit which improved my tone throughout the entire volume sweep. Overall, this guitar plays and sounds like I never believed it could! For any setups or repairs, I can’t recommend anyone better than Rick at Haywire!

WJC I have 3 Great guitars from Rick Mariner. He is easily one of the best guys in the industry I’ve met in 15 years of being a professional guitarist. Every request I had he was able to accommodate. You won’t be disappointed.

Mark Reiber I recently had Rick at Haywire Custom Guitars put together a Telecaster for me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I was looking for a really good player (not an heirloom), but had some modifications in mind that local stores either couldn’t provide, or wanted excessive payment. Rick’s stock of parts, available options, and willingness to work with me on my needs rendered a Telecaster just as I wanted it: natural finish, maple Warmoth neck, forearm relief on the body, upgraded pickups, and traditional switching. Looks great, feels great, sounds great, at a great price! I have no hesitation in recommending his shop!

Roxxie There are repair shops and there are repair shops. None of them are as good as Rick at Haywire. He did a lot of work for me. New wiring harness, replace pick ups, setup 4 guitars and repair some finish work. His prices are some of the best you’ll ever pay. His work it outstanding, I can’t think of a better word for it. He plays the guitars and they have to meet his standards before they leave his shop. All the work was flawless and the time to do them repairs was the shortest I’ve ever had.

Sonny Campbell Rick at Haywire did a great job!! Just few calls and bam he had it on the way for me to play.. Right out of the box it plays like a dream. I am very happy with my new axe, and if I decide on another Rick will be the first call I make.. Just can’t go wrong with a Haywire guitar!!

John Gibson I am disabled with Degenerative Disc Disease which has caused a weakening in both hands. It has been increasingly difficult to play for more than 10 min at a time. One day I came across Haywire’s Website and decided to give them a call. Rick Mariner said that he could help me out. I’ve had the guitar about ten days now and I am just blown away! The guitar is beautiful, plays effortlessly and is incredibly solid while being so much lighter than my previous guitars. Thanks to Rick Mariner and Haywire Custom guitars for handing me a new lease on my guitar-playing life. I also believe that I could not have found a better combination of quality and price. Haywire Custom Guitars is a first class outfit that listened carefully to my concerns and then put together a guitar that addressed my special needs.

Jarod Hayes (Xorveus)Local Guide·68 reviews This place is amazing for any musician and I would HIGHLY recommend you go here whether it is for some minor adjustments or to buy a whole new guitar. They have incredibly low prices compared to most other places and they do very high quality work. I just bought a used electric guitar and I don’t know much about them so I figured I would take it to someone who knows a little bit more to check it out and adjust it as needed. He fixed the problem and even went above and beyond and showed me how to do it myself for future reference as well as touching up the guitar since it is rather old. They are very knowledgeable and I can garuntee that you will enjoy your visit and I can garuntee your guitar will leave there playing like new!!!

Scott Shaw Rick does amazing work, and his custom guitars are works of art. The great thing about having a custom instrument is just that … it’s customized just for you. In my case, Rick took my P Bass, wired it more like a Jazz bass, and shaved my neck so that the feel is right in between a Precision and a Jazz neck, which for me, is just right. The action and play-ability is better than it’s ever been, (PERFECT, actually), and the intonation is spot on throughout the entire length of the neck. If you’re looking for that perfect guitar that you’ve only imagined in your dreams, it’s time to talk to Rick and let him actually put it into your hands for real!

Joe Woolery 5 stars is not a high enough rating to describe the wonderful work that Rick Mariner did on the Guitar he crafted and fine tuned for me to accommodate my eye for beauty and ease of play. Large hands no problem,pickups and configuration to my specs and not a single delay in getting the Guitar finished. If you’re on the fence about your next guitar then take my word for it and contact Rick,you will not regret it!

brent calvert I originally purchased a custom guitar from Rick that I liked so well I had one made for each of my brothers.All the guitars are built to my specifications and the workmanship is what you you would expect from much higher custom builds.Give Rick a call and he can give you a guitar built with unlimited choices..

Richard Bailey I recently contacted Haywire Customs about finishing and assembling a telecaster body for me. I was initially skeptical about reaching out for assistance but I had read several great reviews about his work. Rick is a great guy and quickly put my nerves at ease. He was very patient and willing to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. I am thrilled with the finished product and the cost of his services are very reasonable. I would highly recommend and will definitely use him with future projects

Micah Nichols Rick is the man! I love my ’72-Custom-Deluxe-inspired telecaster that he master built for me. From the first conversation to the moment the guitar was in my hands Rick was absolutely professional, helpful and available to answer any questions/concerns. The final product is simply stunning. All of the fine details that I was expecting were met and more. You deserve the experience of working with Rick and Haywire Custom Guitars.

George McDonough If you want someone who knows what they are doing to work on your equipment, there is no better than Rick. Rick is not only a great luthier, he is also a great player and spent years on the road playing for a living. This gives him an advantage when it comes to understanding your needs. He is fair and honest. He is not a sales person that tries to push something on you that you do not need or want. If you are looking for great work or a great instrument at a great price, I highly recommend you check out Rick before making your final decision.

Scott Gregory I truly enjoyed my experience with Haywire guitars. Rick’s patience and thorough questions of what I wanted made for the perfect guitar for me. He encouraged me to consider a wider neck and I’m so glad I listened and took the chance. This guitar is such a pleasure to play and I’ll say that comes down to Rick’s insight. His costs are absolutely reasonable and I would encourage anyone looking for something special to highly consider Haywire Custom Guitars.

Allen Kruschke There were problems with shipping parts to Haywire because of Covid 19.But once Rick’s crew got their hands on them a very well made, top quality Strat was born. I am very happy with it and the 1 3/4 inch neck fits me well.

Rat Lord Awesome service, quick turnaround, and a cool dude to boot! Thanks again Rick!

Alton Rex I recently purchased a custom Nashville Telecaster and in the 45 years of pro playing I have never been more impressed or satisfied with the quality, value or playability of any instrument I’ve ever played.

This Tele is a sculpted solid maple body with a shaved, standard 3 piece Tele neck and ebony fretboard. It has the single coil complement of SRV pickups, 7 position switching and the treble bleed circuit. Every component is first quality, and the depth, clarity, sustain, and variety on tone in Haywire’s innovative circuitry design is phenomenal.

The flexibility and professionalism of Haywire’s team allowed me order a premimum instrument with design appointments to my taste and ear, and I ended up with a finely crafted bit of butterscotch blonde magic for $685. It was delivered to my door, perfectly set-up with my string preference. All I had to do was tune it concert and plug it in… several hours later I managed to set it down… for a little while.

There is really no reason to spend three times as much for a stock designed guitar when you did can have one made to your specifications. Haywire’s team are all pro players, and besides their years of experience and impressive client list, it’s just plain on it’s face they know their business when you play one of their guitars. You will never regret your investment in a Haywire Custom Guitar.

Alton R ~ Austin, TX

Mitchell Goulla I would like to share a recent experience that I had with Rick Mariner at Haywire guitars I own a beautiful 2017 ebony limited run Edition nickel Hardware Gibson Les Paul Custom I love this guitar it is my prized possession. Then 2 weeks ago the unthinkable happened someone knocked it off the guitar stand and broke the headstock completely off of it and it really floored me I thought it was ruined I actually thought about throwing it in the trash but I remember hearing some talk about broken headstocks being fixed on a few sites on the internet so I did some research and found out yes it can be fixed I made some phone calls even called Gibson they’re backlogged and I heard they really don’t do that good a job anyway they would rather sell you a new one and fix the broke one all the companies I contacted and spoke with made me more uneasy about having it fixed that is until I spoke to Rick at Haywire guitars I sent him an email and he called me the very next day he was he asked fabulous to talk to very knowledgeable he took his time with me answered all my questions put my mind at ease Rick is very personable professional and courteous and for all the reasons I mentioned I support him on just that so I sent my guitar to him over that weekend he received it Monday had the neck glued and fixed and strings back on it when I spoke with him Monday evening the whole job took less than a week and I had it back the following Monday when I received the guitar back I couldn’t believe the outstanding job he did I’m gluing the headstock back on not only did he do that he put strings on it and set the entire instrument up for me I thought it sounded good before it’s like night and day how good it sounds now Rick really knows what he’s doing during the time he had my guitar I did more research on him and found out he does a lot of work for professional musicians I really got lucky finding Rick and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs any guitar work done or is interested in buying a guitar I’m buying my next one from him thanks again so much Rick

Chris Pack So…. let me tell you about Haywire Guitars! I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20years. I got the opportunity to sit down with Rick and truly design my very own custom guitar! From the colors I want down to the specific specks in the pickups. For such a great price comes a great person behind it building a wonderful guitar for the true player. Rick is very humble and very underrated for the magnificent builds he makes. I just got mine and had to fight to put it down just to write this. Thanks Rick for a true jam up job. Recommend to anyone who wants a real guitar!

Tonya Haun Haywire “rocks” on acoustic guitar repairs as well as electric!! My beautiful Martin guitar was repaired with the greatest precision, care, and effectiveness…. Beyond what I ever expected. The binding around the body of the guitar was separating in several spots and it was only getting worse.
Rick took time to assess the current and future challenge to minimize the chances of it ever happening again.
Not only did he repair “Martina” so well she looked like she just came off the showroom floor….he offered advice and shared his knowledge and expertise.
Rick’s humble yet confident manner
put me at ease that I had found the right person to handle this delicate and important repair.
Haywire was fabulous, timely, and a very fair value. I have already hired Haywire to assist in making another guitar more playable with proper setup and maintenance.
My appreciation to Rick and Haywire Custom Guitars for a five star job on my acoustic guitar.

Adam Kita If you are looking for top notch quality service and customer care, then Haywire Custom Guitars is the company for your guitar repair needs. Rick the owner is a great gentleman who treats your guitar as if it were his own. Rick is a master at his craft and puts great effort into customer satisfaction. Also, Haywire provides extremely reasonable pricing and they work on your guitar the second it’s in their hands. From the day I shipped out my guitar, it was completed and back to me in less than a week. I am extremely happy I found Haywire and I will continue to use them for my guitar needs. A+++ for Rick and everyone at Haywire!

Morris Peltz I can not say enough good things about Rick and the work he did on my Classical Guitar! I was ready to sell it because I could not get the action correct. Rick fixed it and now it plays perfectly. Thank your Rick!!!

Joey Pokwatka Rick does awesome work. Glad I found his services for supping up my guitars and helping with my own custom guitar builds. The best luthier around.

LesPaul Larry Rick performed a neck shave and saved me from selling my best sounding guitar now I play the guitar daily with so much ease and a lot more faster in chord changes and especially playing lead and it took 1 week including shipping that is what is so great they matched the neck paint with the back of my head stock the guitar looks like that is how it was made If i ever get another softball bat neck I will definitely send to haywire for neck shave and it had no effect on my tone of my guitar

Keith Passamonti Amazing job changing the keys on my classical. Never imagined it had so much to do with the sound. Unless you did extra stuff to it. And charged me not enough money. And during a flood at your property where you had to boat in and out in hazardous conditions. I can’t say enough about how good Rick is at what he does.

Larry Whicker Excellent service! Great job! Very fair price! Rick knows what he’s doing!

Lee Barbour I have been a professional guitarist for 21 years and have very high standards for the instruments I play. I’m also very particular about how I like those guitars set up and additional modifications. I have found Rick to be a high level luthier who is capable of any requests and willing to work with a perfectionist such as myself…not always an easy task! If you are looking for high quality guitars matched with high level courtesy and customer service, Rick is your guy. He’s made a few guitars for me and we still collaborate on how to make various improvements as my gig needs change. Thanks for all your help, Rick!

Tyson Matthews Rick is a joy and pleasure to work with. Not only are his prices incredibly fair, his work is of the highest craft and attention to detail. I am certainly going nowhere else for my luthier needs going forward!Like

Craig Powell Rick@ Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. is a true professional and understands what his customers want and need. He has delivered on everything I asked for in a timely manner and the end product is above and beyond expectations.

Karen Reynolds I was tentative at first to let Rick – or anyone for that matter – work on my guitar, but once he set the first one up I knew he was knowledgeable and skilled. So now I won’t leave him alone, I have a Gibson and Tele that were both buzzing out when I’d do bends – he fixed. I had a 12 string Conn -left for dead – he completely re worked it (had parts on hand) and put a pick up in it, now i play it often. I would give him 10 stars if I could, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Tom H I had 2 guitars set-up by Rick today at his shop. A Takamine acoustic electric and an Epiphone Les Paul electric. What a wonderful learning experience. Rick first worked on the acoustic, explaining each step, the tools used for each step and how those tools remedied the faults in the guitar. He left no stone unturned. He checked an adjusted both necks, set the action, intonation, pickup clearance, checked every string and fret repeatedly for the slightest hint of string buzz. So methodical! He truly wants the customer to have the best instrument possible. To top it all off, he has a great, easy going personality. I felt I made a friend when I left. Quality work done by a quality person. Highest recommendation.

Daniel Pereira Haywire Custom Shop does awesome work for reasonable rates. Rick is knowledgable and gets right to the point with the work at hand. My guitars have never played as well or sounded so good.

James Crafton One of the most friendly guys I”ve ever done business with. He stands behind his work and checks with you to make sure your satisfied. He has shaved and changed the profile on 2 necks for me. All I can say is he done a professional job. 100% satisfied Thanks Rick

Chip Croft Haywire is the real deal. I have had Rick set up/mod my guitars for a few years now and he takes the time and has the skill to get it right. Recently decided to do a custom build T style guitar and met with Rick to go over the specs and materials. He finished it in a very timely manner and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The guitar plays, sounds and looks incredible (2 shows in and I haven’t touched my prior main guitar). If you’re in the market for a guitar or need repair/modification I would definitely give Rick a call.

Don Peacock I had Rick set up my Gretch guitar and have had him setup several other guitars. He is the best at what he does. My guitars had already been setup but they really came to life after Rick’s setup. He is very knowledgeable and talented at what he does. He is an excellent player to boot and knows what guitarist need for top level playability. Highly recommended.

Double A Jazz Rick has made, modified, restored, finished guitars for me. He is by far the best guitar builder that i have come across in my 35 years of playing professionally. I live in Toronto, Canada and I gladly sent my guitars to Rick in South Carolina when special attention is needed.

Skip Gailes I purchased a lovely semi hollow hand made custom guitar from Rick Mariner at Haywire guitars. Rick’s guitars are unique and beautifully crafted. He’s a wonderful guy and works really hard to provide instruments that answer the needs of individual performers, rather than expecting you to conform to the sensibilities of his instruments. If you want an artisan quality instrument, with its own voice, rather than a hastily made cookie cutter carbon copy of someone else’s, this is a great place to go.
(All this and he will work with you to craft a project that you can afford!)
Skip Gailes
35 years in the jazz faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University
Fulbright Scholar Specialist

Peggy Peacock Rick knows guitars! He has been able to correct issues with my guitars without hesitation, effortlessly. He is very accommodating with his time also. A great musician who understands what other musicians need with their instruments. I feel fortunate to have someone like Rick available to help me with my passion of music. Reasonable price for his work, great at what he does, and a cool guy. Win! Win! Craig Peacock

Jeff Wales Rick @ Haywire Custom Guitars was absolutely awesome in helping me get a hard to find Furch acoustic guitar at a great deal. He handled all the communication with the distributor and was persistent in getting me the guitar I wanted (which was hard to find). He also set up the guitar to my preferences. Rick is a very knowledgeable, kind, and passionate guy, one who’s all about helping out fellow musicians. I know that if I ever need another Furch guitar or want to purchase a killer electric guitar I will definitely contact Rick and Haywire Custom Guitars.

Eli Culbertson Hello Haywire Custom Guitars Inc…
Thanks for selling me a great guitar at a great price. My greatest expectations were fully realized when I unboxed your beautifully crafted Sky Blue Classic-Jazz-master Guitar. This beauty plays and sounds just as good as it looks. By the way, thanks for your extra attention to detail. Your service is all at once, professional, proficient and polite.

Thanks, D.E. Culbertson

Randy Donaghy Found Haywire by accident. Needed pickups in a custom 90’s Jackson. Guitar center was lost. Also set up on brand new Kramer Dave Szabo. Fast comfortable environment. The sound and feel without robbing the bank. Gig ready is an understatement

Bruce Nocita When I started shopping for a new guitar Rick at Haywire was one of a half dozen emails I sent out. He was the only one to call me and we talked for at least a half hour. After another long call early one morning I purchased a beautiful Furch that I love, and then sent him my 45 year old Martin D-28 for some set-up work and pickup installation. He also repaired a small scratched area on the back at no cost! Rick is very knowledgeable and a true craftsman. His prices are very reasonable – I just wish he was close to me so I could easily visit his shop. If you are in the market to buy, or need repairs (or if you need a custom guitar built – Rick is a luthier) Rick Mariner and Haywire Custom Guitars get my highest recommendation.

Ken Brad Incredible experience!!!
The knowledge, skill, and willingness to make it happen to the satisfaction of the player/customer can not be more evident. Rick walked us through the process step by step; and with each application we were able to test the instrument on the spot. On top of the five star rating …. We would like to add ten thumbs up!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sandy Shalk It has been a first-rate experience working with Haywire Custom Guitars. It was my goal to assemble a Telecaster style guitar with a 1 3/4 neck to accommodate my desire to play fingerstyle and get jazzy on a Telecaster. Rick from Haywire set me up beautifully. I purchased a loaded Nashville Tele he had available, and he built me a custom neck. The neck is awesome and the set-up of the guitar is the best I’ve ever had. The guitar plays fantastic looks great, and came to me at an awesome price. Rick is an excellent communicator, and he guided me through the entire process meeting my needs and offering excellent guidance. It’s no problem to add any tweaks you desire–I did request locking tuners. It’s clear that pride in workmanship and the highest level guitar experience are front and center at Haywire. When the guitar arrived–and it did so quickly–I was blown away. I recommend Haywire very highly!!

Brian Striegel Rick and Haywire are first class. Awesome service and response. We went back and forth on my custom project, making it better and better. His work is unbelievable.

Dan Wolfe I have been playing for 50 years. Here is my most recent purchase, a Haywire P bass with a lightweight body plus a matte finish on the neck that has been set up exactly to my specs. This my third Haywire. (One Strat and two P basses) I have been a customer close to ten years and all I can say is that I wish I had discovered Haywire when I was younger! RIck also can modify and adjust any guitar. He does restorations as well. Thanks for the good service as usual.

Steve Johnston Haywire Custom Guitars is very special as Rick not only knows his stuff inside and out but he genuinely wants to help you. Being very detail oriented he goes the extra mile to fully complete any project he’s working on. I would recommend him to both beginner and expert. Simply the best.

dabogeygolfer2 reviews Rick Mariner and his team do the highest quality work with blinding speed! I shipped a bass guitar neck to Haywire on a Wednesday with my specifications for reshaping and received it back the following Monday! The work they performed was outstanding as well as personal communication from Rick. If you are looking for superior custom guitar work that’s coupled with unsurpassed customer service, there is no place other than Haywire Custom!

Shawn P. and Malena Brennan a month agoI ordered a Jazzman in Sea Foam Green with a maple fretboard and boy am I jazzed!!! It came set up impeccably and felt like an old friend right out of the box,. It’s the brightest and fullest sound of any guitar I have(And I have chambered and Semi-Hollow guitars in my collection!) which is important to me because I live in a apartment bldg. and usually don’t use my amp. It sound awesome through the amp though and the treble bleed circuit is great. Do yourself a favor and try them out. It is a supreme value and I love it!!!

Eric Lubliner I can’t say enough about how positive my experience was with Rick at Haywire Guitar. Rick was able to take my unusual custom design and turn it into reality, with a reasonable timeline (in spite of COVID related delays), and at an unbelievable price. Honestly, you could pay double or more and not get anything better. I was especially impressed with the quality of the electronics (a lot of guitar makers have trouble with this aspect), and the fretwork. As soon as I started to play the guitar I noticed that my hands were more relaxed, and even after hours of playing I had no strain or cramps (something us not-so-young players have to worry about), and the tones I was getting were absolutely stunning. If you need a top quality custom guitar made to your specs, and you don’t want to get a second mortgage on your house to do so, give Rick a call!Like

Randy Rhoads4 2 months agoI called Rick and told him what I was wanting to accomplish and he was so easy to talk to and really sounded genuinely excited to help me. I really like thinner type necks as I own a 2000 Carvin and several Ibanez guitars as well and love those necks too. I loved my Les Paul’s tone and also my Custom Warmoth Sustainiac Guitar but just hated the baseball bat type necks. So I sent Rick my Carvin neck from 2000 as it is my most favorite neck of all. I also sent him my Warmoth neck and my Les Paul guitar. Within a week I received everything back and the Warmoth and the Les Paul had the same feel as my Carvin. I just couldn’t believe how great they turned out and how much better they play now. You can’t even tell they were modified. They look and feel that good and were cosmetically matched very well. I will be sending another 1974 Les Paul Custom to get the neck shaved so I can actually enjoy playing that one too. For the price you can’t beat Rick’s services. Very professional, Quick turnaround and Highly recommended. I will be doing more business with Haywire Custom Guitars for Sure !!!

Guitar from Haywire-Etraverzo. I purchased a guitar from Haywire Custom Guitars in 2016 and man it’s got to be one of my best guitars going forward. I especially love the way it sustains with the treble bleed volume mod circuit. No loss of highs when the volume knob is brought down to any number 3-10. This is awesome option to have if you play blues or SRV music. Must have! The neck action is comfortable from the first fret through the 21st. I mean low action all the way through. Finally, the 7 sound toggle switch adds to all the other wonderful sound this guitar makes. I give it 5 stars ***** and, Rick from Haywire is a very friendly and professional guy. Very guitar smart as it relates to sound and set up. Sincerely very happy Customer!

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Haywire Tele-Takehiko Muto: Hello Rick, sorry for my late review.  I’ve just come back to the U.S. today and received my Haywire Tele without any damage or problems. Let me say, it’s the most “PERFECT TELE” I’ve ever played. I really love the shaved neck and overall the balance of play-ability is really amazing. 6100 fret, 24 fret neck thinner neck, American bridge, and Seymour Duncans! I can say these are all in perfect balance. Just played 2 hours and It’s so nice and comfortable. I can never part with my Tele.  I have a great playing guitar that plays EXACTLY how I need it to play comfortably as a guitarist.

Takehiko Muto

Englewood, NJ

I got the guitar yesterday and yes she’s a beauty. Also, I love it. The guitar is everything I hoped it would be, the set up is perfect. Thank you for the phone calls and friendly conversation. You need to be complimented on your customer service and for assuring that everything was as I desired. My satisfaction with doing business with you is complete. I look forward to purchasing one of your custom builds in the future. Finally, Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours-John Adams

Pete Novelli Tele-Custom Humbucker Tele

I play guitar professionally around New Orleans and tour. Rick Mariner built a custom tele for me in Dec 2011. On phone we were able to identify all of the details I wanted in the guitar. Rick did a great job of communicating and then delivering on what we discussed. And fast. It’s a beautiful natural alder tele with a Warmoth compound radius neck (never had one of those before, it is great) and a humbucker at neck and “hot-rail” humbucker at bridge.

The guitar was set up lower than I actually needed. I raised action. Intonation and other adjustments were perfect. I’ve gone thru a LOT of guitars and this one should be the last one for me, except maybe a spare just like it. I play mostly in a trio format so I like the thicker sound of a humbucker tele, but I still can get that tele “twang” if I want to. Sustain is enormous, the tones are articulate and I guess the guitar just has what I would call “Presence”. If guitarists feel good about their guitar then there will be less roadblocks to their success as musicians.” Thank you, Rick.

Pete Novelli

New Orleans, LA

Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews

Tommy Berntzen Guitar: I bought a midnight blue Telestrater from Haywire last year, and it is truly the most magnificent guitar I have ever looked at and played! it is a true beauty in the full sense of the word.I have never played a guitar with pickups with such a rapid response and such great clean tone. Both with and without distortion it sounds great. I am also extremely pleased with the neck, it makes it so much easier to move my fingers around and it has an incredibly good feel to it.

Most of all, I really couldn’t tell you enough how impressed I am in regards to your work at Haywire. I have looked through your website and at the other guitars.  Consequently, I can clearly tell the difference in terms of quality and play-ability compared to guitars. Much better than a regular music store, it is really great. so keep on going!  If guitarists feel good about their guitar then there will be success as musicians.


Tommy Berntzen: Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews

Wendell Matthews: Pro, I felt fortunate to discover Rick Mariner after I moved from Nashville to South Carolina. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and sound of Haywire guitars. I used them almost exclusively on my last recording project.  As a result, after playing a Haywire guitar in the studio, one of my session men ordered a customized one for himself. No big sales pitch was necessary. When you see and hear a Haywire, you’ll know why. They are musicians working for musicians, therefore they’ve been where we’re going as players.

Wendell Matthews – Singer/Songwriter

 Myrtle Beach, SC

Haywires Guitars-I wanted to take a few moments to tell you that I really appreciate your skill and craftsmanship as a Haywire Guitar builder . Your guitars are quite simply the best I have ever played. Every time I take one to a jam or gig I get compliments all night long on the great tone as well as the stunning looks of the instruments you built for me. They are a joy to play and are exactly the way I want them to be. I will be a customer for life. A guitars shape, size, sound, feel and looks on the requirements of the player buying it. So the guitars that leave the Haywire Custom Shop go to specific players. There are as many guitars to build as there are players. It’s endless.

Carl E. Sperry, Jr.

Little River, SC

I recently received my new creation by Rick Mariner at Haywire Guitars. “The Violator” is an incredibly built Stratocaster. In this particular guitar I asked Rick to install a super distortion pickup made by DiMarzio in the bridge position. It also has a YJM single coil in the middle and an Eric Johnson Humbucker in the neck position.

This guitar is excellent for hard rock / metal. Being a Stratocaster is also just as great for blues and any other types of music that you might be into playing. Instead of just a volume post I had Rick install two tone controls as a traditional Strat would have.

The hardware is finished in gold and comes with a Floyd Rose Tremolo system. I also had a locking nut installed to keep the guitar in tune while Dive-bombing the trem. The body is finished in Charcoal Frost & the neck is vintage shaped, Flame Maple custom piece w/ an Ebony fret-board with block inlays. This guitar is my 2nd Custom Built from Haywire within 6 Mos. Haywire builds an excellent guitar!!!

Tom Perlongo

Milwaukee, WI

Haywire Thin Telecaster– I bought mine used..if you can call it that, it is absolutely beautiful…I was blown looks NEW. Thin body (about strat thickness) Black with black pearloid pick-guard, Birdseye maple neck and fret-board. Equally important, it by far is the best playing guitar I have played, and own another Tele, a Strat, and a Les Paul to compare it to. Equally important, Rick is a very talented guy, and is the “Definition” of customer service. In fact, I will be a repeat customer. Mine is a true CUSTOM guitar. Finally, my hat is off to ya Rick you did a great job.

George Waltman

Coffeeville, AL

Rolf Laurin-Haywire guitar. Playing guitar for over 40 years. In fact, I’ve had the good fortune to play many instruments. My new Haywire guitar is special. Also, components are upgraded, the finish is flawless, the guitar sounds great and plays better than anything I’ve owned or tried in the past. This set-up is exceptional, as a matter of fact its so easy to play that you have to get used to it.

Its that good. Contact with Haywire is always within 24 hours and and as a result, it was productive. The instrument is a sunburst American Standard Strat. The neck and center pick-ups are vintage with a SD humbucker in the bridge position. First, yes he did a custom install to get me the sound I was looking for. That`s Haywire for you.  Second, the price was so reasonable I never expected to get the quality instrument and the quality set-up I actually received. There nothing else out there that can touch a Haywire. I know there are more Haywire guitar purchases in my future. Do yourself a favor and play one. Consequently, you`ll write a review just like mine.

Thanks Rick,

Rolf Laurin

Greenacres, WA


I wasn’t sure if I should buy a guitar with the name Haywire on the head-stock…if it wasn’t a “real” name-brand guitar…BUT, after comparing MANY name-brand & custom-made guitars AND very careful consideration, I decided to give Haywire a chance…

firstly, the guitars look amazing & the prices are low…in fact,being very skeptical…I’ve been playing for decades & never bought a guitar without playing it, but these guitars jumped out at me…

Secondly, I saw a Haywire SG (beautiful) & then a knock-out vanilla Strat & then an shiny silver Strat & back again…I couldn’t decide which one…this is where Rick Mariner of Haywire came in…he’s caring, knowledgeable & EXTREMELY patient…I bought the vanilla Strat, changed my mind & wanted the silver one. I eventually bought a natural SRV Strat that I wasn’t even thinking of buying. I LOVE IT!  the workmanship is fantastic & it plays like a dream. It came set up perfectly …a truly beautiful guitar.

I couldn’t be happier & Rick was great!

Jerald Wolf

Huntington Station, NY

Since the late sixties I have owned and traded a many precious guitars. As for play-ability I could never have one guitar that satisfied me with all the needs I had. My Tele has great action but I miss the full sound of humbuckers, the Les Paul custom plays great but I sometimes miss that twangy sound of a fender. When I saw this guitar on Haywire web site, it was exactly what I was looking for.

The few I found and was ready to purchase where in the $2600 -$3000 range. When Rick sent me the details on this baby I did not need to think twice. I have had it for 3 days now and logged over 20 hours on it already;-) Love the neck action, I love the rich variation of sounds i am getting from this guitar. I’m Still discovering more possibilities with it. This is only guitar one needs to take to a gig. Does it all. It can’t beat. It’s light weight  and comfortable even after several hours. I am lucky to have discovered Haywire guitars and this certainly will not be my last purchase from them.

Shaw Entekhabi

Lincoln, NH

Howard Kennedy Guitar. I have been around musicians throughout my life and have always been an admirer of fine instruments. A personalized guitar has been something I have thought about and wanted. Every guitar player is different and so are his/her hands. A guitar needs to be comfortable and light-weight enough to play for hours at a time in any situation without fatigue. The sound has to be clear and tone-great. I contacted Rick and he made that possible. Rick asked what I wanted and sent pictures and detailed statistics and made a beautiful guitar for me on my terms. I know that the guitar he made custom for me will only grow in value. After buying this guitar I will not ever need another stratocaster!

Howard Kennedy: Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews

Douglas, GA

David Cline Guitar.  Firstly,”I just worked with Rick AGAIN on a custom Haywire Tele-Blaster and I am 110% satisfied with the results. The guitar looks like an early 50’s pawnshop prize maple neck Telecaster with a Duncan Little ’59 at the top loading bridge with a Gibson P-100 soap bar at the neck. Equally important, imagine grafting the sound of the meanest Les Paul with a smooth old jazz box in a Tele body. That’s my new baby. This is the second custom project that I’ve done with Rick and he’s outdone himself this time. The action, the fit, the intonation are all superior. In fact, as a result, I’m proud to play these guitars in public. I will spread the word of Haywire to anyone who will listen. Thanks a million Rick.

David Cline: Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews

Saginaw, MI

Richard Williamson Guitar-Hi Rick,

I received the guitar today and I have only one word to say…… INCREDIBLE!

This thing plays as good if not better than my Les Paul and sounds better too which is no surprise as it always had better tone than any of my guitars. Thanks for the attention to detail on the neck and the finish. I would honor being any kind of reference for you and I will certainly pass your name around for those who are in need of your services.

I will be in touch with you on future setups and a tele build.

Thank You,

Rich Williamson

Mason, OH

Mark Doeglas Guitar: Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews

A guitar needs to be comfortable and light-weight enough to play for hours at a time. As well as, in any situation without fatigue. The sound has to be clear and tone-great. The action and feel need to be consistent all the way down the neck so you won’t be forced to alter your playing technique as you travel around on the fret board. A guitar players instrument needs to be in tune on every fret. I’ve had this beauty for a week now, it plays very well sounds great and looks so good it almost hurts 🙂

Mark Doeglas

9724AW GRONINGEN Netherlands

Joseph Lo Grande Guitar. Mr. Rick Mariner built a guitar for me. Firstly, he calls it The Haywire335 Strat.  Secondly, and equally important, it turns out to be the very best guitar I have ever owned. The Gibson ES350 and the ES-175 I owned are very good guitars and this Haywire 335 Strat feels and plays better. I am amazed. Have played guitar for 62 years(10 of those years professionally) in fact, this guitar is the most outstanding of them all. The action and feel is consistent all the way down the neck. As a result, you won’t be forced to alter your playing technique as you travel around on the fret board. A guitar players instrument needs to be in tune on every fret.

Thank you Rick Mariner

Joseph Lo Grande

Abingdon, Maryland

Eli Weed Guitar. After playing some of Rick’s guitars, I was impressed with the appointments, the action, the polished paint jobs and his attention to detail. I entrusted my prized 70’s Fender Precision to him which was in dire need of restoration from my 20 years of regular use. Rick went above and beyond expectations. I was going to keep it as a secondary instrument, but found myself using it as a primary once again. I couldn’t help it; it plays, looks and sounds so much better. And I get so many compliments, it’s ridiculous. Thanks Rick, you are the best. I couldn’t recommend anyone more.

Eli Weed

Tim Richey Guitar. I couldn’t be happier with my killer new Haywire “Telestrater” guitar. It clearly surpasses all 4 of my other electrics including my ES-175D, Fender Strat and Les Paul. I never thought I could make that statement until now. The fit, finish, intonation, EMG Select pickups and sweet Warmoth neck is as good as it gets. Rick Mariner is a true craftsman, luthier and an exceptionally great guitarist to boot. Strings added are a comfortable gauge without too much resistance thus making it easier to push down to the crown of the frets. It’s a no brainer where I’ll get my next guitar,…Rock On Rick,…and Haywire Custom Guitars!

Tim Richey

Crestview, FL

Carl Wolf Guitar. If you need any type of guitar repair, no matter how big or difficult the job is, you would do best to contact Haywire Guitars in Conway, SC. Rick Mariner is the founder of this great guitar repair shop and is friendly, courteous, and always attentive to the the customer’s needs and wants. Rick will always go the extra mile to make your guitar repair first rate and sound and play better than ever. He is also extraordinarily fast in turning around all repairs and is very quick to ship back to you. I can’t recommend this merchant enough for all guitar players/collectors.

Carl Wolf

Alexandria, VA

Rod Sollenberger Guitar. I am so glad I found Haywire Custom Guitars in my search for a quality instrument. Haywire’s attention to detail and construction are second to none in my view. As for Rick Mariner, what a great guy. His genuine concern and enthusiasm in the process of getting everything the way I wanted in my guitar says it all. That man put the stamp on customer service. I practice and play guitar more than I ever have thanks to my Haywire Custom Stratocaster.  I am very satisfied with my purchase and have plans for another in the future.

Rod Sollenberger

Carlisle, PA

Doug Campbell-Two Haywire Guitars

I am the proud owner of two Haywire Custom Guitars. They are fine instruments! The excellent craftsmanship, superb play-ability, and overall beauty make them tops on my list. The action and feel is consistent all the way down the neck. I can play a diverse variety of music with the great sounds from this instrument. These guitars have every sound, tone and style covered.  Keep up the good work at Haywire Custom Guitars!!

Doug Campbell

Chesterfield, SC

Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews

Dear Rick,

It arrived looking factory fresh and it is stunning.

It has a sunburst gloss finish medium light alder body and a vintage maple ’59 roundback neck. Rick Mariner is very precise in describing his guitars, but that does not prepare you for how beautifull his instruments sound, look and feel.

He is obviously passionate about his work, and wants his customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

Such great attention to detail, with your guitars, your customers needs and communication is second to none.

That’s why I bought another Haywire Custom Guitar just a few weeks after buying the first.

I strongly recommend Haywire Custom Guitars to anyone thinking of buying a guitar.

All the best Rick,

I hope your business goes great,you really deserve it.

Dave Garcia

Western Australia

image Bass player playing Haywire Custom Bass, Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews
Bass player playing Haywire Custom Bass. Haywire Custom Guitars Reviews