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Video page of guitar demos from Haywire Custom Guitars. Hear what some great guitars sound like. Listen to the guitars we build in the Haywire Shop!

Haywire Custom Guitars Video Gallery

Classic Modified Vintage Guitar Video of electronics-Sound

Video of electronics-Sound Classic Modified Vintage Guitar

Haywire Custom Built Guitars

in addition:

Guitar Repairs
8 Point Tune Up
Guitar Modifications
Custom Neck Building and Reshaping
Full Set-Ups

Fret Installation and Polishing
Fret Leveling, Re-fretting and Fret Crowning
Guitar Pickup Replacement
Special Circuits
Custom Guitar Repairs
Volume and Tone Mods
Recessed Heel Crest
Guitar Refretting
Heel Crest Reduction
Treble Bleed Circuits

Super-wide Neck Replacement 1-5/8 to 1-7/8″
Guitar Neck Shaving
Super-slim Neck Replacement
Guitar Neck Replacement
Custom Guitar Neck Contours

Through the years, we at Haywire Custom Shop of South Carolina USA realized that many guitar players really have very little understanding of the scope and purpose of a custom guitar shop.  We discovered this quite accidentally by listening closely to some of the questions received over the last few years.  For example, one question that still comes up often is, “Nice guitar-but how does it play?”

That question always puzzles us. Why? Because our job as a Custom Guitar Shop is to simply make every guitar we sell play exactly how the player who buys it wants it to play!  We are the experts, and can make any neck modifications, electronics changes, or custom changes that you like.

Single Cutaway

Unfortunately, most guitar players are so accustomed to traveling from store to store looking for the right instrument rather than making the decision to create their perfect instrument at a custom guitar shop.  A custom guitar facility is a smarter way to get what you need. We can take all of the attributes of all your favorite guitars and combine them into the guitar you’ve always dreamed of having.  If you like a Gibson style neck, but prefer Custom Single Cutaway electronics, only with active pickups, and would rather have a Double Cutaway style body … it’s not a problem!


We are not a Gibson, Epiphone, Washburn, Wilkinson, Parker, Carvin, BC Rich USA, Jackson, PRS, Ernie Ball or Fender dealer nor are we affiliated with any of these companies.

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