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Haywire Signature Single Cutaway Guitars

The Black Rose

The name says it all. A stunning Black Guitar with black pickguard highlighted by gold hardware even down to the pickguard screws and strap knobs.  The neck comes just how you want it !

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Daytona Custom

The Haywire Daytona Custom is solid Rosewood from head to toe for a warmth to balance against the traditional bite.  24-karat gold engraved hardware makes this a visual standout. It has a smooth neck feel because no finish is required on this wood.

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image Haywire Tremolo Custom Guitar

The Haywire Tremolo Custom

The Haywire Tremolo Custom is one tricked out Guitar. The most prominent feature is a  tremolo. We couple this with a Tune-o-matic bridge for tuning stability.  The body has a back carved style tummy cut for extra comfort.  The Double Hotrail Duncan configuration sounds great. They are powerful, quiet and the neck sustain is excellent.

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Shredneck Custom

The Haywire Shredneck Custom is a picker’s delight, thanks to the fast neck and small strings that you can bend from here to Nashville.  The sustain of this neck is excellent with an even and balanced tonal range sure to please your ears. The neck is exactly to your specs.

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Roy Buchanan Tribute Vintage Guitar

The Haywire Classic Roy Buchanan Tribute Vintage features what Roy really liked!   It has an Alder body with a natural blonde finish and a six saddle bridge with vintage pick ups. We’ll add any special touches you want. Just tell us what you need.

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image Haywire Classic Modified Vintage Guitar

Classic Modified Vintage Guitar

The Haywire Classic Modified Vintage features a chambered or solid Alder body for light weight and resonance. The Classic Modified is loaded with Vintage American Haywire overwound pickups for powerful tone.  Anything else?  Just ask.

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Thinline Custom

The Thinline Custom features an all Mahogany semi-hollow body, a six-saddle bridge, active EMG pickups and a Maple neck and fret board.

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