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Haywire Signature Guitars – The Outcaster

The Outcaster is a variation on the original Haywire Nashville Players #1, and gives you the same advantage of having the sounds of two classic guitars combined into one exceptional instrument. This model is for those players who prefer a standard six point or two point tremolo bridge as opposed to a vintage style hardtail bridge. As with the original Haywire Nashville Players #1, it employs the same pickup in the bridge position to give you those distinctive twangy country music sounds, along with the three pickup design that allows the player to evoke the sounds of Hendrix, Clapton, and everything in between. No more running around to change guitars during a live performance when you have this guitar. Change from country to rock sounds with a mere flip of a switch!

Change from country to rock sounds with a mere flip of a switch!

The Outcaster is available with either Lollar passive or EMG active pickups. The  Active EMG chosen for this model are the EMG SA series. They’re are noiseless, internally grounded and each pick up has its own pre-amp to boost the signal before reaching the amp producing even more sustain.  For the passive set up we’ve chosen the Lollar Vintage Blond for the middle and neck. A Lollar Special T in the bridge position.  Added also is our Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit, which allows your high frequencies to shine through when you have the occasion to play at lower volumes.  The pickups are wired to a five-way switch. There is an optional tone control wired to the bridge pickup, along with our exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to this guitar, giving you the two additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together.

Another key feature of this guitar is the ability to accommodate either a 25-1/2″ or a 24-3/4″ (Gibson®) scale neck with no body or neck modifications. Our large selection of quality Warmoth necks are complimented with stainless steel frets for ultra long life and silky-smooth bends.

Features of the two most popular single and double cutaway style solid body guitars

You’re going to love having all of the sounds and features of the two most popular single and double cutaway style solid body guitars. They are combined into one amazing instrument. Each Outcaster is built to the individual customer specifications with unlimited custom wiring and component selections for a totally unique instrument.

Need a bit more “Bite” in your lead? Need more scream in certain guitar parts you’re playing?  What about some more growl in your guitar playing? Let us add a larger pickup to the bridge in your guitar and replace the wimpy pickup in there now.




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