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Haywire Custom Guitars

Double Cutaway Guitars


When Gibson® designed & built the ES-335 it was a hit. This Haywire Custom guitar contains some of the best elements of a Gibson® 335 and a Strat®.  It’s our version with some refinements. You can add your requirements and it will be a true custom guitar to your specs !

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Active Quilt Top

This is a beautiful Double Cutaway with a Quilted Maple Top, EMG Active Pickups, Floyd Rose Trem and Warmoth Neck!  The combination doesn’t get much better!  Trust us, it sounds as good as it looks !

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The Violator

The Violator is loaded with a Floyd Rose Tremolo, Hipshot Trem-Setter for extra tuning stability, Sperzel locking tuners, with special humbuckers in the neck and bridge position. This guitar is tricked out with custom Haywire custom enhancements that give you any sound you’re looking for.

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“Nashville Players #1”

The “Nashville Players #1” combines some of the best elements and most distinctive sounds of two of the most iconic single and double cutaway solid body guitars into one incredible instrument. No more running to change guitars during a live performance when you have this guitar. You can go from hardcore country twang to dirty blues to jazz with the flip of a switch !  

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The Outcaster

Like the “Nashville Players #1, the Outcaster is designed to give you the best features and distinctive sounds of the two most popular double and single cutaway solid body guitars in one amazing instrument. This model is for those players who prefer a standard six point or two point tremolo bridge as opposed to a vintage style hardtail bridge.

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This Fatcaster features a Warmoth Pro compound radius neck with the special Eric Clapton V-neck profile. You can select any other profile as well. It’s your guitar and we’ll customize it exactly how you want it. With a powerful Humbucker in the bridge you can cut through the sound and get your playing heard !                    

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Double Fatcaster

This double whammy features dual humbuckers for thick tones. You have full control of the sound with custom wiring options availabe to you. Choose the neck shape profile as well as neck thickness and there are no road blocks to your success as a player.    

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image Haywire Double Cutaway Guitars

Haywire Double Cutaway Guitars


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