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The name says it all! A stunning Black guitar with a black pick guard highlighted by gold hardware right down to the pick guard screws and strap knobs.  This Haywire Black Rose Guitar features the clean, quiet, and powerful EMG active pickups in both positions that keep you in total control of your tonal tapestry. A six-saddle bridge plate provides flawless intonation, classic vintage guitar bite, and the sustain is further enhanced by way of its string through body design. The Black Rose also gives you an extra-wide choice of necks, for this guitar, has the ability to accommodate either a 25-1/2″ or a 24-3/4″ (Gibson®) scale neck with no body or neck modifications.

Playing at the higher end of the neck past the 12th fret is effortless on this guitar, thanks to Haywire’s exclusive Recessed Heel Crest Option included in all of Haywire’s Custom Shop signature guitars. With this feature, which Haywire pioneered in 1982, the bulky heel crest wood that blocks your hand has been greatly reduced, making it easier for you to explore the possibilities that reside at the very top portion of your neck.

Every Black Rose is built to each individual customer’s specifications with unlimited custom wiring choices, component selections, and a wide selection of quality Warmoth necks equipped with stainless steel frets that provide exceptionally long wear and silky-smooth bends.  You’re gonna love this guitar!


  • Rosewood neck and fretboard
  • Choice of 25-1/2” or 24-3/4” Gibson® scale lengths
  • Active EMG pickups
  • Hardshell case included
  • Free worldwide shipping



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