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Treble Bleed Circuit

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Treble Bleed Circuit

Haywire Custom Shop Treble Bleed Circuit Modification

A Treble Bleed Modification allows you to roll off your volume without losing the highs.

Would you like being able to use the volume control without sacrificing tone?  We can add a treble bleed circuit to your guitar. It will preserve high end frequencies and improve the taper when rolling back your volume control.

Electricity searches for ground. We manipulate it and make it do things on its way there.  When you turn your guitar’s volume down, you’re allowing some of the current to go to ground as opposed to going out to the amp to make sound. Capacitors (referred to as “caps”) have many uses in electric guitars, the most common is in the tone control circuit, where it combines with the potentiometer to form a low-pass filter,
shorting all frequencies above the adjustable cut-off frequency to ground. Another use is a small capacitor in parallel with the volume control, to prevent the loss of higher frequencies as the volume pot is turned down.
This capacitor is commonly known as “treble bleed cap” and is sometimes accompanied by a series or parallel resistor to limit the amount of treble being retained and match it to the pot’s taper.

As the volume decreases, the frequencies that leave first are the high ones, which make the tone seem muddy and thick, without the “edge” on it.  A way to avoid this is by using what’s called a treble bleed circuit. It’s called this because it prevents the treble frequencies from bleeding off.  It allows some of the treble frequencies (the ones we want to keep) to walk around the volume pot to the output, rather than go through it and get lost to ground.

At the Haywire Custom Shop we simply install a 220K resistor in parallel with a 470pf capacitor. If you’d like-we can add one to your guitar to preserve high end frequencies and improve the taper when turning your volume down.

Let us know you’d like it added when you’re purchasing your new Haywire Guitar or if we’re just repairing yours!

HaywireCustomGuitars Nashville SG with treble bleed circuit

Haywire Custom Guitars Nashville SG with treble bleed circuit