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Haywire Signature Guitars – Custom H Bass

/Haywire Signature Guitars – Custom H Bass
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Haywire Signature Guitars – The Custom H Bass

The Haywire Custom H Bass is built to our exacting standards.  The Haywire Custom H Bass features an Alder body with a Maple neck and a Rosewood fret board. It is available in both 4 and 5-string configurations. Stainless steel frets provide exceptionally long wear and silky smooth bends.

As with every Haywire instrument, the Custom H Bass comes complete to your door with  hard shell case and our 8-Point Gig-Ready Process for exceptional playability right out of the box.

Haywire Custom H Bass


  • Alder body
  • Active or passive electronics
  • Maple neck
  • Your choice Maple or Rosewood fretboard with 4 or 5 String versions
  • Available in natural, sunburst, black, white, or red
  • Hardshell case included
  • Free worldwide shipping

$1775.00 with Passive Pickups

$2000.00 with Active Pickups

image Haywire Custom Guitars - 5 String H Bass

Haywire Custom Guitars – 5 String H Bass

At  Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. we combine the best technology from the past mixed down and tempered with quality parts, knowledge, experience, skill and innovative custom guitar building techniques of the present.  We then condense and distill it into a pure guitar. We believe that there is always room at the top for a great playing, great feeling, high quality, reasonably priced guitar for all professional guitarists around the world. 

The real value that Haywire Custom Guitars offers you is our small-scale luthery,  guitar repairs,  guitar builds and modifications. With greatly individualized attention to pots, hardware, functionality, ease of use, longevity, tone and play-ability, pros can own a custom guitar packed with lots of attention and details of what they really need and want, rather than, say, settling for trying to play an unready guitar “off the rack” in a music store.  A luthier (/ˈluːtiər/ LOO-ti-ər) is someone who builds or repairs string instruments generally consisting of a neck and a sound box. The word “luthier” comes from the French word luth, which means lute.

Haywire Custom Guitar repairs, home of the “Gig-Ready” guitar!

A real “Pro” custom guitar should be way above average in its ability to play smoothly and trouble-free. The tone and feel should inspire so your music will flow freely and help your technique. We are experts and back up our custom guitar work for our clients with a one year  warranty.


We are not a Gibson, Epiphone, Washburn, Wilkinson, Parker, Carvin, BC Rich USA, Jackson, PRS, Ernie Ball or Fender dealer nor are we affiliated with any of these companies.