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Haywire Signature Guitars – The Haywire Shredneck Custom Guitar

The Haywire Shredneck Custom is a pickers delight thanks to a fast neck that let’s you bend your way from here to Nashville.

In 1982, Haywire was on the forefront with some of the first prototype models for this versatile design.  This guitar takes the traditional single cutaway design with the vintage hardtail bridge and combines it with the three pickup configuration found on traditional double cutaway solid body guitars, giving you the most distinctive sounds of both guitars in one fine instrument.

We were on the forefront with some of the first prototype models with this Haywire Shredneck Custom Guitar

The pickup combination of the Lollar J-Street in the bridge, Lollar Special T at the neck, and Lollar Vintage Blond in the middle gives you everything from that unmistakable country twang to great rock sounds from Hendrix to Clapton, and everything in between. The following combinations are available on the 5-way switch: Bridge pickup only, bridge and center pickup, center pickup only, center and neck pickup, and neck pickup only. We add our exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to this guitar, giving you the two additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together. In addition, also included is the Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit, which allows your high frequencies to shine through at lower volume settings.

Haywire adds their exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to the Haywire Shredneck Custom Guitar

Every Haywire Shredneck Custom is built to each individual customer specifications with unlimited custom wiring choices, component selections, and a wide selection of quality Warmoth necks equipped with stainless steel frets that provide exceptionally long wear and silky smooth bends.  As a result, a guitar that was built to fit in your hands with the ability to produce virtually any sound that you can imagine.

Features: Haywire Shredneck Custom Guitar

  • 3-pickup Nashville Player configuration
  • 5-position pickup switch
  • Unique Lollar pickup combination
  • Haywire’s exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification”
  • Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit
  • Your choice thickness of Maple neck with the satin nitro finish
  • 12″ radius Maple fretboard
  • Stainless Steel Frets
  • Hardshell case included
  • Free worldwide shipping


image of Haywire Shredneck Custom Guitar

Haywire Shredneck Custom Guitar with Tremolo


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