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Haywire Signature Guitars – Active Quilt Top

The Haywire Active Quilt Top features a Quilted Maple Top, and is one of our flashiest looking double cutaways. With a highly-figured quilt or flamed Maple top jumping out through its deep, vintage sunburst finish, this is not only a guitar that stands out in a crowd, but a guitar who’s beauty is definitely more than skin deep.

EMG SA active pickups provide silent operation, and are wound by hand to provide you with extended frequency response and crispness. Haywire also adds their exclusive “Seven Sound Pickup Modification” to this guitar, giving you the two additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickup together or all three pickups together. A Floyd Rose tremolo comes standard with this model, so you can dive bomb at will with a bridge that is known throughout the industry for its excellent tuning stability.

features a compound radius

The Maple Warmoth neck features a compound radius, running from 10″ at the nut to 16″ at the 22nd fret. This compound radius allows for comfortable chording near the nut, while allowing for low action and easy bending higher up the neck with no “fretting-out”. Stainless steel frets ensure ultra long life and silky smooth bends.

Playing at the higher end of the neck past the 12th fret is effortless on this guitar, thanks to Haywire’s exclusive Recessed Heel Crest. With this feature, the bulky heelcrest wood that blocks your hand has been greatly reduced, making it easier for you to reach the very top of your neck.

This Haywire Active Quilt Top Custom has all the features you need to be your “go to electric player”, while looking sweet enough to become your “Number One”.  As with every Haywire Signature Guitar, you can change any component choice or design element to create your very own truly unique guitar!


  • Quilt or Flame Maple top
  • EMG SA active pickups
  • Haywire Seven Sound Pickup Modification
  • Floyd Rose tremolo
  • Warmoth compound radius neck
  • Maple or Rosewood fret board
  • Hard shell case included
  • Free world-wide shipping



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