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A Faster Guitar Neck

//A Faster Guitar Neck
A Faster Guitar Neck 2023-08-31T11:27:38-04:00

How do we make your guitar neck play faster?

Send your neck to us at Haywire Custom Shop.  On Urethane and polyester finishes sometimes the sweat from your hand will slow you down. Even on some Lacquer finishes with a high shine this can occur.  Water between your hand and a high gloss finish can “grab” and suddenly stop you. It can be very irritating to be on your way to a great riff then get stopped!  So, what do you do?  Send it to us here at the shop. We will “Satinize” your finish so the grab from your hand sweat will not be nearly as noticeable. Contrary to some thinking, a matte or satin finish on a neck will feel and play much faster. It will allow for your hands to travel up and down the neck unimpeded. When the gloss is knocked off of the finish the stickiness will disappear. The back shape or “neck back profile” will have significant effect on a guitar players quickness around the fret board as well.

Dirt on necks will slow down your playing on a guitar neck

A Faster Guitar Neck

Some general housekeeping on your guitar will help it play faster.  Dirt combined with sweat can make it gummy. You can rub it out to make it more slippery and not as gummy and slow. Some lemon juice and salt will work. Mineral spirits will clean a neck too. Keep your instrument clean for better playing.

Action on the back of your guitar neck

We speak about the “neck action” often.  Action is referred to as: “the height of the strings above the fret board or distance from the top of the frets. It is also used to describe the general ease, feel and ability of a guitar to play effortlessly. However, these terms and descriptions refer to the front of a guitar neck. Rarely does anyone speak about the “action on the back of the neck“.  Action on the back of your guitar neck is just as important as the action on the front of your guitar neck. Why? Well, an often-heard complaint is my neck is slowing me down. If the action solutions have been addressed on the top of or front of your guitar neck, then what’s left?  Of course-the back!  That’s where it pays to send it to a competent Luthier.  The Haywire Custom shop will address all concerns you have EVERYWHERE on your guitar. The neck profile finish is no exception.  So, let’s get you playing faster.

The relationship of neck back finish to playing speed

A satin finish is between a high shine and matte finish (no sheen).  Reducing the sheen is a great way to speed up the feel and action on the back of your guitar neck. Your fingers act like suction cups on a high sheen finish. Like frog’s feet your fingers are more likely to stick on a glossy surface. Frogs stick well to glassy and shiny surfaces such as windows. They can stick like glue on them. They’ll hang there for long periods of time. However, they rarely stick to a non-shiny or matte surface. If they’re smart enough to know the difference, then maybe we should be too. The same principle applies to guitar necks. If you want a faster neck-with no sticking, then don’t add a sheen to the surface. Let us speed up the action on the front and back of your guitar neck. In addition, we can perform: Guitar Neck Replacement, Fret leveling, Nut filing, Guitar Nut repair, Custom Guitar Neck Contours, custom guitar neck shaping, thinning and profiling.

When you have a neck that you just love but it’s a bit too sticky, we’ll fix it for you 

At Haywire Custom Guitars…. “Just $55.00 plus return shipping back to you will get your guitar neck faster and more comfortable for you.  
Best of all, no waiting. We work on the neck as soon as it gets here. the turnaround time is 2 days or less from when we receive it”.

When shipping to us:

If you ship with the Post Office, forget buying “signature required” services.
Our postal carriers know where to leave the neck safely and securely.
That will save you money, and the neck delivered safely.
            “We are musicians working for musicians” 
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Faster Guitar Neck-Guitar action is just as important on the BACK of the neck as well as the front

Guitar action is just as important on the BACK of the neck as well as the front