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Haywire Custom Guitars offers Custom Guitars-Products selections for an extensive line of modified custom single and double cutaway guitar products. We also offer custom modifications based on your specific requirements. Please contact us if you would like a quote on a custom guitar project. To see our line of production guitars, please click on the custom single and double cutaway movies below.  To see some of our most recent custom guitar projects, click on the Custom Builds movie below. If you can’t find what your looking for here in the Products section, then our gallery will have it.  To see the last 1,400 current builds see the Gallery tab above in the main menu section.

Haywire Custom Shop Electric Basses

Haywire Custom Guitars offers a line of modified custom P-Bass and J-Bass products, along with our own custom designed LoGrande ll Bass. We also offer custom modifications based on your specific requirements. Please contact us if you would like a quote on a custom bass project. 

image Haywire Tremolo Guitar-04 Nashville Butterscotch

Haywire Tremolo Guitar-04 Nashville Butterscotch

We not only sell custom guitars -products, but we also design them, build them, repair, customize, and play them. Instead of traveling from store to store looking for just the right combination of features for your ideal guitar, it makes sense to let the experts take all of your favorite features of all of your favorite custom guitar and combine them all into the instrument that you’ve always dreamed of having. Always ready to perform guitar repairs, guitar builds and modifications. Simply put, it’s the smartest place for a serious guitarist to buy or have their instrument setup and repaired.


At Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. we combine the best technology from the past mixed down and tempered with quality parts, knowledge, experience, skill and innovative custom guitar building techniques of the present.  We then condense and distill it into a pure guitar. We believe that there is always room at the top for a great playing, great feeling, high quality, reasonably priced guitar for all professional guitarists around the world. 

Haywire-Custom-Guitars EMG Black Strat w/Blonde neck
Haywire-Custom-Guitars EMG Black Strat w/Blonde neck

The real value that Haywire Custom Guitars offers you is our small-scale luthery,  guitar repairs, guitar builds and modifications. With greatly individualized attention to pots, hardware, functionality, ease of use, longevity, tone and playability, pros can own a custom guitar packed with lots of attention and details of what they really need and want, rather than, say, settling for trying to play an unready guitar “off the rack” in a music store.  A luthier (/ˈluːtiər/ LOO-ti-ər) is someone who builds or repairs string instruments generally consisting of a neck and a sound box. The word “luthier” comes from the French word luth, which means lute.

Haywire Custom Guitar repairs, home of the “Gig-Ready” guitar!

image Haywire Custom Guitars-Products
Haywire Custom Guitars-Products

A Guitar Setup-Neck

Your neck setup must feel comfortable and consistent all the way up the neck for you to get comfortable with your best playing. You absolutely need to be pleased, surprised and very comfortable with the feel, action and performance of your instrument setup.  Are you thrilled with it?  You should be.  Find out what you’re missing and go get a great setup for your guitar to match your style,playing comfort and level of expertise. 

How We Set Up a Guitar at Haywire Custom Guitars

The truss rod is the first item we look at. If it’s bowed or humped it gets straightened. Next is the string margins all the way from the head stock area to the last fret. Are margins correct on both “E” strings. Do you have the same amount of space from the strings to the edge of the fret board? If not we correct it. Is the nut cut properly? Are the strings too high at the first fret? If so, it makes for action too high and hard playing. We’ll re-cut the nut. Are the string slots in the nut cut too low allowing the strings to “buzz” at the first fret when forming open chords? We’ll fix that too.

After Checking the Neck Alignment on Your Guitar…

The next step is to add your favorite strings and set the action as low as possible. Why, because it can always go up without any buzz if it plays great “low”. If low action cannot be achieved then we’ll level the frets. That will get it super low.

However, once frets get leveled they must be crowned and then most importantly, polished. They need to be smooth for perfect glass-like string bending. At this point we can set the string heights and action. Why? Simply because in a great guitar setup, all strings must be the same distance from the top of each fret underneath and the action must be “custom fit” to the player. Next, the guitar is tuned and the intonation is checked and adjusted. Only after all of these operations have been performed in the exact and correct order can we now attempt a trial play and test for comfort, tone, overall in-tune and no buzz playing.