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How Can You Determine The Correct Type Of Strings For Your Guitar?

How Can You Make Sure You Have The Correct Guitar Strings For Your Guitar? 

Electric or Acoustic 6 String Guitar? What Do You Have?

Correct guitar strings serve different functions, have different sounds and emphasize different timbres or tones. In each case they require specific and correct gauges to retain the sound they were designed for.  The following will determine whether you need electric guitar strings, acoustic steel strings, or nylon strings.

strings that will retain the same tension

When playing using alternate tunings, you may prefer strings that will retain the same tension in that particular tuning as a set tuned to standard.  Players use drop “D/C/B/A” tunings or “D/C#/B” standard tunings. Very low tunings require a heavy set of guitar strings such as an 11 or 12  gauge set.  If you play slide guitar in “drop G tuning” choose a set of strings which will have a high enough tension for you to play comfortably using a slide.
image results for a custom shop hollow body guitar from Haywire Custom Guitars with correct guitar strings Correct guitar strings-Do you have them?[/caption]

Correct guitar strings will make your guitar play better



If you have an electric guitar, the industry standard is nickel wound and gauge 10-46  is most common for thickness. Electric guitar strings have a different composition than acoustic guitar strings to help the pickups function properly; specifically they have steel core.

image results for a custom shop hollow body guitar from Haywire Custom Guitars with correct guitar strings lazyload Do you have the right guitar strings?[/caption]For an acoustic guitar, it requires steel  strings. Lighter  gauge for softer sound and ease of playing. If you want a deeper louder tone, choose  heavier (larger) strings. Silk and steel are much easier on the fingers than the regular metal strings but not for use on electric guitars. Bronze  strings on an acoustic guitar are standard.

image of a classical guitar with correct guitar strings lazyload Correct guitar strings-Do you have them? Because, nylon guitar strings have a soft, mellow tone, are easy on the fingers and designed for classical guitar.  Ball-end nylon strings, sometimes called “folk nylon,” are a little heavier than regular nylon can stand vigorous strumming.

image results for a custom shop hollow body guitar from Haywire Custom Guitars with correct guitar strings lazyload
Strings for a Jazz box are sometimes flat-wound
Flat-wound strings can be used for any electric guitar. They are comfortable on the chord hand and give a smooth “thuddy” tone when amplified. This string is preferred by many jazz guitarists. Flat-wound strings will provide a more mellow tone than a similar round-wound string, as a result, they will also be harder to grip with your fingers during bends and fretting.

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