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A Good Gift Idea for Young Musicians Or Maybe 10 Ideas!

A Good Gift Idea for Young Musicians Or Maybe 10 Ideas!

A Good Gift Idea for Young Musicians Or Maybe 10 Ideas!

Many children become interested in playing an instrument because they see their favorite music stars do so, or they hear songs they like and want to make their own music. It may also be that a family member plays the piano, guitar, or any other instrument and they would like to try it out as well. When a gift idea occasion comes around here are some tips.

If your child, grandchild, niece or nephew has expressed an interest in music, you can help develop their abilities by gifting them with things that would encourage them to pursue it. Here are some great gift ideas for musically inclined kids.

Music Lessons

There are many kinds of music lessons a child can attend, from classes that let young kids explore different musical instruments before they find the one that they really like, to one-on-one lessons with a teacher. Tuition for these classes is something aspiring musicians and their family will surely appreciate!

Small Guitar

The guitar is a popular choice for getting kids started in playing music. Because children may find holding and playing a full-size guitar difficult and uncomfortable, it would be a good gift idea to give them a smaller one like the Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar. It may be mini, but it guarantees many years of enjoyable play.


Another easy instrument to learn but with fewer strings, the ukulele is also a great gift to give to a child interested in playing music. Ukuleles are naturally smaller than acoustic guitars, so they are also an awesome gift to give to young kids.

Electronic Drum Kit

When a child really, really wants to learn to play the drums but you’re afraid the neighbors would complain when he or she is practicing at home, an electronic drum kit is the way to go for a gift idea because you can control the volume.

Drumstick Pens and Pencils

For the young percussionists who unfortunately can’t bring their drum kits to school, wooden pens and pencils shaped like drumsticks will do just the trick to cheer them up. Of course, it would be a good idea to tell them not to practice on their desk if their teacher is around!

Music Print Shirts

Shirts with music-themed designs, like a print of a guitar or a drum kit, let kids show off their passion for music. You can even have shirts personalized with a custom design for a truly unique gift idea of clothing that kids will be happy to wear to school or music lessons.

Mini Amp

A mini amp is a great partner for mini players of electric string instruments. A small amp is lightweight and portable so it can be brought along to lessons and mini-recitals. There’s even an amplifier built into a mason jar!

Piano Mat

Both kids and grownups will have tons of fun playing tunes on a giant piano mat. Piano/organ mats are a great way to introduce the piano and musical notes to little kids – and to keep them active indoors during those rainy days.

Chord Dice

Make practice sessions more fun – and unpredictable – with this set of chord dice. A roll of the dice will show what chords to play and for how many beats, making them a great tool for practice. The dice are available in different keys, but we recommend giving beginners those on the key of G major because it includes easy chord shapes.

Sheet Music Books

Sheet music books for children help encourage young musicians to learn new music and motivate them to practice. Many songbooks for kids also include cool facts and music-playing tips, and even blank sheets where kids can compose their own music!

Those are some of the best gift ideas for children who enjoy music. If their birthday or the holidays are coming up, make sure to check this list for cool stuff that will surely put a big smile on a young musician’s face!

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