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New Guitar Frets Level?

//New Guitar Frets Level?

New Guitar Frets Level?

Should the Frets Be Leveled on My New Guitar?

There shouldn’t be a need to level the frets on your new guitar “just out of the box”. However, more and more the need for fret leveling on new guitars seems more commonplace. Companies rush guitars to the music stores for sales and forget to take care of important details. Leveling frets and setups to name a few. Normal use wears down a guitar’s frets. Recent circumstances indicate guitars start out defective and need fret leveling right away.

What Is Fret Leveling?

Fret leveling is a process of evening all frets to the same height to increase the playability and get low action on a guitar. It eliminates high action and fret “buzz” up and down the neck as you play. The goal of fret leveling is to even the space between the top of the fret and the guitar strings.

New Guitar Frets not level? Need for New Guitar Fret Leveling Seems to be Increasing.

Many players like a “low action” setup on their guitars. Low action occurs when the string is as close as possible to the fretboard, clearing each fret for no “buzz” and ease of play. Fret leveling involves adjustments to the fret height by filing all frets to the same height. We focus on the entire fretboard when doing a leveling job.

Players with worn-down frets have this problem for a different reason. “Buzzing” occurs when each fret is worn unevenly by the player. Playing wear can also cause to ruts in each fret, this makes it harder to stay in tune, enunciate each note and successfully bend strings. New guitar frets should not need this, however many times frets do need leveling.

When frets are leveled your new guitar

When frets are leveled your guitar will feel and sound much better. This is especially noticeable with a low action setup. Many guitarists require this as they play over long gigs and many gigs in a row. It avoids hand fatigue.

image Guitar Neck Guitar Neck Refretting and fret leveling.
Haywire Custom Guitars, Guitar Neck Refretting and fret leveling.
  • Accurate notes from your guitar
  • Less string buzz on the guitar fret board
  • More consistent play
  • Minimize fret wear
  • Attain lower action
  • Tuning stability
  • Easier play
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