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Adding New Guitar Strings

//Adding New Guitar Strings

Adding New Guitar Strings

How to Properly Add New Guitar Strings? Is there a correct way?

Yes, there is a correct way to add your guitar strings. First choose the gauge (thickness) you’d like.
Smaller gauges are lighter and easier to play. They make playing faster and string bending easier.
They need to be added correctly. Why? A setup allows for good, low and consistent action all the way down the guitar neck.
If you pay to have a good setup performed on your guitar then you really don’t want to undo it.
With this in mind, all modern medium to good quality guitars have a truss rod that is adjusted during a setup to maintain great action.

A truss rod is simply a rod, usually made from either graphite or steel used to stabilize the guitar neck.
The truss rod runs through the length of the neck, under the fret board.
In a guitar setup it is adjusted to keep your guitar neck straight and your strings parallel to the fret board.
Parallel needs to be maintained for consistent, good and low action all the way down the neck.
After attaining the correct truss rod adjustment, it should not be touched again unless it falls out of adjustment from either humidity or extreme temperatures.

When adding strings correctly, it is necessary to remove the old strings and add the new strings, “ONE AT A TIME”.
Why? If all of your guitar strings are cut off before the new ones are added, then the neck will regress and fall backwards suddenly.
If this should occur it will be necessary to get the neck back to level all over again. It involves a brand-new setup.
If, however, the strings are added just one at a time there is very little change in the neck adjustment and the integrity of your great new setup will not be compromised.

So, remember just adding one string after the other is required for correct installation of a new set of guitar strings.

Haywire Custom Guitars-Adding guitar strings correctly
Haywire Custom Guitars-Adding guitar strings correctly
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