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Light Guitar Body

3.5 lb. X-light Butterscotch Feather Light Guitar body + Treble Bleed + Bridge Tone Control Works + SRV Pickups installed and Rosewood or Maple Neck available upon request.

image Haywire Custom Guitars 3.5lb. light Ash Guitar Body
Haywire Custom Guitars 3.5lb. light Ash Guitar Body

A Real Players Guitar: Vintage Classic:  Feather Light 3.5lb. Loaded Baked to a Golden Crisp Ash Light Guitar Body + Treble Bleed+ Working Bridge Pickup Tone Control. All pre-wired electronics, + Pick guard + NEW SRV Pickups +Tremolo+ Neck Plate and Screws included.

Buyers please note: All electronics and hardware have been added free of charge.

Excellent Condition! Start your new guitar project now. For experienced parts assemblers only.
Simply add on your neck! OR We’ll add one of our necks for $135 (and up) complete with tuners and strings all set up!

Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. We Ship World Wide!
Haywire Custom Guitars Vintage Classic “Baked” (for less moisture content and lighter weight) Ash Extra Light Loaded Body, with 3.5 lbs. Weight

Description: Feather Light Body, White Guard and new Relic SRV Pickups plus treble bleed circuit, and a Working Tone Control on Bridge Pickup PLUS Gloss Baked Ash Strat 3 Noiseless SRV Hot Pickups +Tone Control on Bridge Pickup Modified with-all new hardware, Working tone on Bridge and Treble bleed Circuit.

Fender and Warmoth necks will fit this guitar body nicely!
Please note-all pickups and hardware have been added free of charge)

Scale Length: 25-1/2″ (648mm) Body Thickness: Standard 1-3/4″ (45mm) Neck Pocket Size: 2-3/16″ (55.55mm) Width x 3″(76.2mm) Length x 5/8″(15.88mm) Depth Neck Mounting Hole Dimension: standard 51mm x 38mmNeck mounting holes and wire path are drilled already. Top routed for HSH configuration, which is able to accept universal pickup settings. Neck mounting holes and wire path are drilled already. Body routed for HSH configuration, which is able to accept universal pickup settings and various pick guard styles with different cutouts.

The body underneath the pick guard is the part of the guitar that is routed. The body is routed for HSH configuration, and able to accept universal pickup choices and various pick guard styles with different cutouts. For example, if you want a S-S-H, or H-S-S, S-S-S, H-H and S-H configurations.

The body rout, already cut, will accommodate all of the above configs. All that is necessary is to decide which pickup configuration you need then add the pickups to a guard to accommodate the pickup selection YOU chose. Then drop back into your guitar with 3 perfectly fitting pickup slots.

Haywire Custom Guitars

“Building satisfied players one Haywire Custom guitar at a time! “Light weight, great tone and sustain with lots of resonance.

Modified Feather Light Guitar Body + SRV Pickups Included 5 Way Switching includes – 3 Single Coil and 2 Humbucking Modes!

Variable Treble Bleed Circuit included:
This mod keeps the tone you have on “10” throughout the entire range of the volume control. We add a resistor capacitor network to the input and output of the volume control to keep the highs from leaving your tone as the volume is decreased.
By adding this circuit, we can help you avoid the “muddy-tone” syndrome.
Now your tone is much more controllable and articulate when rolling down your volume!

When the Treble Bleed Circuit is included:

Turning the volume control applies varying amounts of a specially tuned high frequency filter to the selected pickups. Now each pickup has the ability to produce a stronger, fuller tone and 50% less noise.

This variable treble bleed circuit is pre-installed. This variable treble bleed/bypass circuit corrects the problem of high frequency losses, provides auto-adjustment of tone at reduced volumes and improves audio taper between 1 and 10.

We hear you.


In MOST Fender Stratocaster guitars, the tone control doesn’t work for the bridge-only pickup on a Stratocaster.

It works on a few, approximately 1% of Stratocaster guitars whether made by Fender or by Squier, or Affinity, Fender Japan, Fender Taiwan, Fender Mexico, Fender Korea, American (circa 1991) or Fender China and more have no tone control on the bridge pickup. The tone controls do work for the other four switch positions.


It was just a design that was only meant to please the inventor, Mr. Leo Fender.

Leo wanted a pickup position that sounded similar to a steel guitar. So now in Fender guitars the bridge pickup selection has no tone control wired to it whatsoever and no one at Fender Corp. since then has seemed to notice. They have failed to hear what guitarists for years have asked. Can we simply have a tone control on our bridge pickup? YES.

New from the Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop Haywire Custom Shop Check out our Pix, info, custom work, artwork, setup and Design by: Haywire Custom Guitars

 This guitar body has a very warm and crisp sound. It is built light and resonant for sustaining notes.
The treble bleed circuit keeps it clear with a good strong signal all the way down. You can add extra bass with the tone controls.
The middle pickup is a RWRP which is wired like a humbucker in positions 2 and 4 on the 5-way switch. Overall, a great choice for many styles and genres. Because of its very light weight, it is extremely and comfortable to play all night long.

Custom Shop Axes-without the Custom Shop Prices! Haywire Guitar Custom Guitars-Home of the “Gig Ready” Guitar! This Haywire Guitar comes with one year warranty on our workmanship from Haywire Custom Guitars. Call or write with any questions you may have ask Rick:
 Haywire Custom Guitars email:

We Ship World Wide! Instruments for Professionals
Haywire Custom Shop

This Custom Classic Body with Vintage SRV Pickups is a dream to play all night long.

It includes a….. Professional Setup for a working musician.  

For Your Audiosyncrasies………

Haywire Custom Guitar instruments feature a number of deluxe electronic configurations, from guitars with distinctive switching and control options to powerful, tonally versatile pickup configurations by a variety of some of the best Pickup Makers in the U.S.A.5 Way Switching includes-3 Single Coil and 2 Humbucking Modes!

The pick-ups are specially made HOT SRV’s over-wound about 10% as follows:

For Pick-Ups the ohms are:

Special Strat Bridge Pickup:
DC Resistance: 8.10K – 8.23K

Special Strat RWRP Middle Pickup:
DC Resistance: 7.58K

Special Strat Neck Pickup:
DC Resistance: 7.04K

 If you like Stevie Ray’s Sound-You’ll love these HOT Vintage Pickups with vintage style magnets!

These Custom Stratocaster Vintage HOT SRV Pickups added give it a Stevie Ray signature sound in any amp! These are pickups that deliver all the aggression you need and can be used from blues to jazz to metal.

Non-metallic  magnets such as the ceramic variety do not change the inductance of a pickup coil.

The tone of these pickups is often described as “aggressive” with moderate to high output which can overdrive an amplifier.
These Custom Vintage HOT SRV Pickups added give it a Stevie Ray signature sound in any amp!

A NECK This body is sold without a neck. However, if you need a neck installed there are two options available for you:

1) Send us your neck, we’ll add strings, set it up, set truss rod, action and intonation for $89.

2) You can buy one of ours for $135 and up and includes setup, fret level, fret dressing, intonation set, strings, action set and tuners.
Then we’ll pay additional weight and size surcharges and return the whole guitar back to you gig-ready!

All hardware, pickups,strap knobs, electronics, switch :
INCLUDED and installed on body: No Charge. Pix, info, custom work, artwork, setup and Design by:

Haywire Custom Guitars

All hardware, pickups, strap knobs, electronics, switch:
INCLUDED and installed on body: No Charge. Pix, info, custom work, artwork, setup and Design by:

Haywire Custom Guitars Custom Shop SRV Special… This solid classic guitar body is very sweet!  It is a very “live” sounding body.

 All controls and pots, switches are new with **NEW Hardware**. The SRV pickups are built for tone and longevity. They are slightly hotter than stock. They are similar to stock pickups but wound hotter for better sustain and they are quiet. For our European Players-These Pick Ups are RoHS Compliant. They have even pole pieces for reliable tone.

Every guitar player is different and so are his/her hands. It is not a “one size fits all” world. Because of this there is no perfect guitar neck shape for everyone. Your neck profile should make it easy for you to comfortably reach all the frets. Bottom line: Neck profile and neck width can be important; so, pay attention to what feels right for you so WE can get it right for you because ONLY YOU know what feels right for you. At Haywire Custom Shop our job is to have the right guitar matched up with the right hands. We’re, “musicians working for musicians”. We are experts in the area of Custom Guitar setup, installation, repair, neck fretting, neck refinishing, neck fitting, alignment, and action adjustment and neck design. The Treble Bleed modification:

How does it work?

It allows you to roll off your volume without losing the highs. Would you like being able to use the volume control… without sacrificing tone? Now You Can… with a Treble Bleed Circuit Mod added on this guitar!

As you turn your guitar’s volume down, the potentiometer or “pot” allows some of the current to go to ground as opposed to the output.

The frequencies that leave first are the highs, which leave the tone muddy and obscured without an “edge” on it to a discerning ear.

Avoid this by using our installed: More importantly, we build them in our custom guitars for a better Low and High sound spectrum:

1-error-correction of signals with enhanced clarity

2- preserve high end frequencies

3-improved taper when rolling back your volume control

Learn more about this on the Haywire Custom Guitars Website here:

Your Guitar is now more functional, clearer, natural and noiseless.
At Haywire Custom Guitars: Custom Shop we’re………………..

“Building satisfied players one Haywire Custom guitar at a time!” with Great Tone and Sustain

This is an excellent instrument …. for a serious player.

If you take your playing seriously then take a serious guitar to the gig with you.

Our instruments are very sweet sounding and will serve you, the professional player, for many years to come.
 You practice hard and you work hard on your playing!  So… get a great tool to work with!

No roadblocks to your success as a guitarist!
Assemblers NOTE: when substituting your own necks be ready to make any adjustments necessary to make your project work with any neck. Complete and perform any necessary adjustments to make your neck and body fit together well. It takes skill it’s not co-incidence.

If you know what you’re doing this is easy. If you don’t-then leave this page. Remember to place your neck in the body you intend to use and drill holes in the neck so they will line up with this body.

It may require you to do some work in the form of plugging some neck holes. Some of you know that and we know that. The rest of you roll up your sleeves and don’t complain.

Most craftsmen realize- every neck may not fit every body as well as every body will not suit every neck. Sometimes holes will line up and
sometimes they won’t-so again, make sure you drill your OWN holes in your neck and plug any existing ones.

Clamp and align prior to drilling neck holes. If you need to plug some holes then-by all means-do it. We cannot be responsible for
careless installation so-be sure you’re competent before you buy anything requiring skills to assemble. If you’re gonna “Do it yourself” then do it.

We are aware that there are some differences between bodies and necks. They are not all identical. A small space in the neck pocket however will not affect the play-ability setup, neck installation or action adjustments. Fender often times uses shims in the pockets because of that reason. There should be some space to move the neck right or left when adding a neck so as to get the margins even on the right and left sides of the fret board. There is always craftsmanship involved with building and modifying guitars.

Be ready to make any adjustments necessary to make your project work with any necks and make the necessary adjustments.
If you feel that you don’t have the skill in working with wood or guitar mods-please don’t feel bad, instead-send us your project parts, we can do it, and we’ll finish it for you.
Necks: may require fret leveling and polish, and may need to be fine-tuned to fit your instrument. This is normal and not a defect. All necks should be carefully inspected prior to installation and/or modification. All wood is unique with individual growth patterns.

However, you can also write or call us prior to your purchase and ask any questions you’d like. Send us your neck with your favorite strings and we’ll mount the neck on it for you for just $89.
Our bodies and necks are Luthier (trained pro instrument builder) parts only and not meant for, parts changers, DIY’s, beginning, intermediate and hobbyist builders. You can’t do it. Don’t try and modify or assemble these guitar parts yourself. Let a Pro handle it. Please do not purchase if you’re not a Pro luthier in business building instruments. Pro luthier note: only by these with the intention of finishing the project. May only be purchased by a pro builder or luthier. Purchase and payment for this body indicates that you have read and understand this and you’re a Pro. It also means there is no return. Businesses only. Thanks for your understanding. Sometimes we use stock photos however the grain pattern is the only difference in our bodies and necks.

Electronics Repairs and Guitar Repair:

At Haywire Custom Guitars we offer: Acoustic and Electric guitars and… Truss rod adjustments, Guitar Tune-ups, Repairs on electric and acoustic guitars, New guitar pickups, Guitar pickup coil tap switches installed, Treble Bleed circuits for your guitar, Electronics repair, Guitar Neck Shaving and straightening, Guitar neck Re-fretting and fret leveling, Guitar fret re-crowning, Fret polishing, Replacement tuners, add locking tuners, Light weight guitars, lightweight replacement parts, Intonation settings, Adding guitar strings, Re-building your guitar, Modify your Guitars, lower action on guitars, Guitar finishes, Refurbished guitars, Heavy body replacements with light ones, Replace old guitar bodies with new ones, Adjustments while you wait, Custom guitar knob placement, custom pots and capacitors, Great playing used and new guitars, Custom built guitars, Guitar trade-ins, Guitar neck straightening, Guitar neck replacement, Guitar neck reshaping, thinning or shaving a guitar neck, re-profiling your guitar neck.

Also: Guitar Modifications for Better Playing Speed and Comfort Part-2: Shaping and duplicating guitar necks, Recessed neck heel for ease of playing guitar, new controls added, pan and blender controls added, rewiring guitar pickups and many more services.

About the Author:

Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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