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Mistakes Guitarists Make

//Mistakes Guitarists Make

Mistakes Guitarists Make

Common Mistakes Made By Guitar Players

1)Not benefitting from a professional guitar setup.

Among big mistakes guitarists make are forgetting to get a pro setup. A professional guitar setup provides lower string action. The string action is the distance between the strings and the fretboard. Lower strings make playing easier. This affects how much pressure you need to press down on the strings, and even fractions of an inch will be felt by your fingers. That translates into more comfort and less pain.

2)-Getting too caught up with perfection.

Newbies sometimes cannot play a guitar with a ding or dent in it.
Get over it! It happens.

3)-Playing guitars with the wrong strings or action that is too high.

Be sure you’re using the best strings for your level of expertise.
Too large of strings: you slow down. High action: you’ll hurt your fingers.

4)-Buying a brand name guitar and thinking you will be getting a better

Guitar building has for the most part moved overseas. Many players mistakenly think that
equals poor quality. Not necessarily. USA quality has diminished tremendously over the last 30 years.

5)-Over-buying a guitar and Adding features you just don’t need.

Do you really need computer operated auto-tuners that tune themselves?

6)-Buying a guitar just because it’s endorsed by a guitar hero.

Just because it’s good for John Mayer-it may not be good for you. This is one of the worst mistakes guitarists make.

7)-Thinking that they have to FIND the right guitar by playing all of them.

Lots of players, yes-even the Pros will constantly try new guitars in search of the perfect instrument.
NEED A BETTER IDEA? Yes, Find the guitar closest to what you like. Then hand it over to
a competent Luthier to get it the rest of the way and save yourself many trips around the world.

8)-Falling in love with an instrument. Find the best guitar adjustments for you.

Don’t fall in love with your guitar-it’s simply a tool. You’ll be desperate if it ever gets lost, stolen or broken. Why make yourself so vulnerable to an inanimate object. Have several guitars you can play.
Despite trendy good looks, all that you really need are good tools for good job performance and that is all. Instead, find the best settings and adjustments for you. Then, duplicate them on all of your guitars.

image: Mistakes Guitarists Make: too large guitar strings: you slow down and hurt your fingers
Mistakes Guitarists Make: too large guitar strings: you slow down and hurt your fingers.
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