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Guitar Neck Shapes

//Guitar Neck Shapes

Guitar Neck Shapes

The shape or profile of a guitar neck can make a huge difference in how your guitar plays and feels.

A guitar neck “feel” can be broken down into several areas. The following are the most important to consider for your hand shape, size and comfort.
They are:

1)-Depth (thickness of your guitar neck at the 1st and 12th fret)
2)-Fretboard Radius (arc across the top on most necks is not the same)
3)-Profile (shape of the neck back-see cross views as if slicing through the guitar neck below)
4)-Nut Width (width across the top of the nut and subsequent string spacing)

How do you choose the best guitar neck for you?
Try each different one. Then you’ll be able to make a better choice.

Basic Neck Shapes

What are the neck shapes?

Basically 4 guitar neck shapes define the choices. There are however some custom variations and modification of these. Variations are often defined by the player’s requirements. The more a player knows about his own comfort, feel and playing style, the better he can make the best choice. Then he needs to be able to communicate that choice to someone who can get the right neck for the player. A luthier with the most experience possible will work well.

The basic guitar neck shapes from Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.
basic guitar neck shapes

Above are the basic guitar neck shapes:

Round shoulders and round back

Flatter middle and broad shoulders

Deep square shoulders and round back

Small shallow shoulders and pointed center section

Thicker guitar necks are better for players with larger hands.
Thinner necks are better for players with smaller hands.

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