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Fat Guitar Necks

//Fat Guitar Necks

Fat Guitar Necks

Fat Guitar Necks

Fat guitar neck widths are better for players with bigger hands or who want more wood in their hand to facilitate fretting notes more cleanly.

A fatter neck offers less separation between the palm and back surface of the neck.
Their shape as well, will suit certain players more than others.
Neck profiles offered are in “C”, “D”, “Soft V”, “Hard V” shapes
with optional lower shoulder radius choice.

Often, it’s a case of the guitar neck size, type, feel and shape you needs to take in consideration one other thing. The “style of playing” preferred.
If you have a size 13 foot, you need a size 13 shoe. So, right equipment can lessen any roadblocks to your success as a guitar player.
Get the right equipment for you and you’ll play your guitar more naturally.

Do you want to play great?

Then your plan should include the “best” equipment.
Which would be, “specifically” for you.

Fat necks are built and designed for guys who need them.
A good neck meets the standards for great players including: speed guitarists, finger pickers
and any guitarists needing a more beefy feel.
More wood allows closer proximity to the neck back for more intimate neck-hand-guitar attitude.

The benefits of the appropriate guitar neck include but are not limited to: better action, better pull-offs, less crowded fingers, easier finger placement, clearer notes.
A great guitar neck, custom for you, is a simply playing technique to add comfort to a guitar that you cannot get from “off the rack” instruments.
There are real benefits to a custom beefy guitar necks and a good luthier who understands what techniques to apply to an instrument for your success.

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Haywire Custom Guitar Shop Fat Necks and Guitar Setups
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