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When to replace your guitars neck

//When to replace your guitars neck

When to replace your guitars neck

Why replace your guitar neck? There are clues to look for when deciding if it’s time.
For example:

1) If the guitar neck is bowed and the truss rod will not bring it back-it’s time.
2) The truss rod is broken or stripped-it’s time.
3) Excessively uncomfortable-it’s time.
4) Frets are so worn that a fret level will not bring them back-it’s time.
5) Neck too big and fat-consider a neck shave or full replacement.
6) The radius to too small-it’s time.
7) The truss rod access is in the heel and not the headstock-it’s time.
8) Sharp fret ends-Time to have the fret ends dressed.
9) Cannot get low action even after a fret level and setup-it’s time.
10) Nut length is too small-it’s time.
11) Neck feels too thin-it’s time.
12) Neck is dipped in the middle-adjust the truss rod or replace neck.
13) Neck is humped in the middle-adjust the truss rod or replace neck.
14) You have a 21-fret neck and seem to be in need of 22 frets-it’s time.

image Haywire Custom Guitars 2-1/8" wide neck
Why replace your guitar neck? There are clues to look for when deciding if it’s time.

Once a decision has been made to replace the neck next you’ll have to decide what to replace it with.

For example:

1) Do you get an exact duplicate?
2) Do you try something completely different?
3) Do you look for something that works better for you.
4) In looking for something better what are the choices?

There are many choices in deciding when to replace your guitars neck.

For example:

Shaft Wood
Fret board Wood
Nut Width
Right / Left Handed
Neck Back Profile Standard
Fret board Radius
Number of Frets
Fret Size
Tuner Hole Size
Inlay Shape
inlay Material
String Nut material
Mounting Holes Standard 4-Bolt Neck Heel or 3
Heel Shape

After thinking about all that you need to decide is installation something you want to tackle or give it to an experienced pro to handle for you. Maybe it’s just best to hand him the whole guitar with your favorite strings and say, “add a neck for me”. If he’s good, he’ll go over all of the above and you won’t have to do anything but be patient a few days until it’s complete!

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