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Butterscotch Blonde Guitar

Classic Deluxe Butterscotch Blonde Guitar with Humbucker Treble Bleed Circuit and Setup is Gig Ready from Haywire Custom Guitars

image Haywire Custom Guitars  Butterscotch Blonde Guitar
Haywire Custom Guitars Butterscotch Blonde Guitar

Treble Bleed Circuit Pre-installed 25-1/2″ Scale Gloss finished SRV Bridge + Mini-Humbucker Pickup for Double Coil Sounds Modified by Haywire Custom Guitars with New Custom Maple neck and New SRV Pickups!

Variable Treble Bleed Circuit included:
This mod keeps the tone you have on “10” throughout the entire range of the volume control.
We add a resistor capacitor network to the input and output of the volume control to keep the highs from leaving your tone as the volume is decreased.  
By adding this circuit, we can help you avoid the “muddy-tone” syndrome.  
Now your tone is much more controllable and articulate!

When the Treble Bleed Circuit is included:

Turning the volume control applies varying amounts of a specially tuned high frequency filter to the selected pickups. Now each pickup has the ability to produce a stronger, fuller tone and 50% less noise. On Humbuckers (either North or South or both coils can be filtered). This variable treble bleed circuit is pre-installed. This variable treble bleed/bypass circuit corrects the problem of high frequency losses, provides auto-adjustment of tone at reduced volumes and improves audio taper between 3 and 10. PLUS
Pearl Pick Guard with
6 Saddle String-through body bridge

Butterscotch Blonde Guitar

featuring 2 great NEW pickups: SRV Series Humbucker Neck Pickup + SRV Bridge Pickup – NEW! It has a fat, rich bottom, with strong, clear mids
Guitar Description **Solid Maple Telecaster Deluxe Body with New Electronics** Custom finished Butterscotch Blonde Guitar ….Professional Setup The neck is excellent with newly leveled and crowned frets. If you want great comfortable familiar feel, low action, good breakup and sustain from your pickups-then this is for you. A 12″ radius guitar neck + New finish. If you want perfect-best buy a new guitar for that.
 Haywire Custom Guitars offers this Tele with SRV pickups, & Sound and Treble Bleed guitar mods.

 It is a gigging guitar. It is a keeper with GREAT features. If you want great sound, comfortable familiar feel, low action, good breakup and sustain from your pickups-then this is for you. Haywire Custom Shop added the setup, and SRV pickups, the treble bleed circuit and 6 saddle bridge

For Your Audiosyncrasies………

Haywire Custom Guitar instruments feature a number of deluxe electronic configurations,

from guitars with distinctive switching and control options to powerful, tonally versatile pickup configurations by a variety of some of the best Pickup Makers in the U.S.A.
Mini- Humbucker Neck Pickup. A higher output pickup, fuller tone, and more drive for your amp. Fullest tone played clean of all our neck pickups. Wax potted. Mini-Humbucker Pickup for Double Coil Sounds 5.6K output From the Haywire Custom Shop Included:

 Treble Bleed Option Already Completed on this guitar body!

Butterscotch Blonde Guitar upgraded, customized and modified by: Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. Instruments for Professionals Call or write with any questions you may have:
 Haywire Custom Guitars
 Haywire Guitar Custom Guitars-Home of the “Gig Ready” Guitar! This Haywire Guitar comes with one year warranty on our workmanship from Haywire Custom Guitars.

This Butterscotch Blonde Guitar features:

SRV Bridge Pickup and Mini-Humbucker Pickup in the neck!

 Great for fat clean tone or harder driving rock with more grind or Soulful Blues

Neck and bridge will be equal, or bridge slightly hotter when playing single notes. SRV Neck and Bridge Pickups for Warmth with exceptional definition for any chord voicing and great presence for coming through a mix
A Treble Bleed modification ADDED
It allows you allows you to roll off your volume without losing the highs. Would you like being able to use the volume control… without sacrificing tone? Now You Can… with a Treble Bleed Circuit Mod added on this guitar!

As you turn your guitar’s volume down, the pot allows some of the current to go to ground as opposed to the output.

The frequencies that leave first are the highs, which leave the tone muddy and obscured without an “edge” on it to a discerning ear.

Avoid this by using our:

Butterscotch Blonde Guitar + Treble Bleed Circuit

It prevents the treble frequencies from bleeding off. It allows the treble frequencies to be re-introduced into the output for clarity and improved timbre.

At Haywire we simply install a TB Circuit capacitor. We build them in our custom guitars for a better Low and High sound spectrum:

1-error-correction of signals with enhanced clarity

2- preserve high end frequencies

3-improved taper when rolling back your volume control

Hand-soldered here in our shop: between the input and output lugs of your guitar volume control pot, to smooth out treble bleed.

Get more uniform tone from 1 to 10, and a more rounded sound at low volume.

The Neck is a Maple/Maple Custom Shop USA Hand Built beauty.
It has been fitted, the frets leveled, the neck aligned on all 4 axis, the frets were then
crowned and polished for a smooth broken in feel Comfortable familiar feel, low action with a
1-11/16″ nut width and a ’59 Round back back profile

59 Round back Similar to: 1959 Gibson® Les Paul®

Thickness at 1st Fret: .860″Thickness at 12th Fret: .960″The 59 Round back is based on early Les Paul® neck dimensions. A profile most similar to the PRS® neck shape.
This Guitar Neck
Fingerboard Radius is 12″
The fingerboard, or playing surface of the guitar neck, is usually curved or radiused across its width. The purpose of this radius is to accommodate the natural ergonomic shape of your fingers when they are in playing position. Comfort is certainly a major factor in selecting a fingerboard radius but it is not the only factor. Musical Style… the fingerboard radius must also allow you to play the style of music you prefer.
The pick-guard is “Antique Pearl” All controls and pots, switches are new with **NEW Hardware**. The SRV pickups are built for tone and longevity. They are slightly hotter than stock but wound more for better sustain and they are very quiet. For our European Players-These Pick Ups are RoHS Compliant. They have even pole pieces for reliable tone. If you prefer to send us your own neck
we’ll add it on for $45

The Bridge and Saddles on this Guitar Body

 6 Saddle Bridge with String through bridge body bridge with custom string ferrules in the back
 OPTION for A Warmoth Custom Neck
We’ll Install a NEW Finished Warmoth Neck for you!
 For just $325
Your specs as well as super wide and fat guitar necks to thin and slim! Choose your specs below
 from a super wide and fat guitar neck to thin and slim or anything in between!
Wood and Finish
 Maple-Satin Nitro Lacquer finished
Orientation Right-Handed with standard Strat or Telecaster Headstock-your choice!
Nut Width Your Choice
Nut White Corian or Black tusq-your choice! Back Contour Standard thin or your choiceFrets6105 Stainless Steel Frets or your choiceRadius10-16″ Compound Inlay Black Face DotsScale25-1/2 or 24-3/4″

Butterscotch Blonde Guitar + Treble Bleed Circuit

See more about our guitars and models on the Haywire Website

Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.
Used Condition: Seller Notes: “Good condition. Modified by Haywire Custom Guitars. A very good gigging instrument. Haywire Custom Guitars offers this Tele with SRV pickup-bridge and Humbucker neck pickup guitar mod. The neck is excellent with newly leveled and crowned frets. If you want great comfortable familiar feel, low action, good breakup and sustain from your pickups-then this is for you. Our customized Guitars and Haywire series guitars and basses are true players instruments that put decades of the best technology from the past mixed down and tempered with quality parts, knowledge, experience, skill and innovative building techniques of the present. We then condense and distill it into a pure guitar on an outstandingly appointed instrument that is Gig-Ready! This Guitar body is a refinished Telecaster with This Guitar body is a refinished Telecaster with all new electronics and pickups INCLUDES a custom Maple neck installed, setup, frets leveled, polished, action and intonation set-it’s Gig Ready!” Hand: Right Body Type: Solid Butterscotch Blonde Guitar + Treble Bleed Circuit Haywire Customized: Haywire Custom Guitar Shop Modified String Configuration:6 String Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.: send us a message for more guitar info.

Body Color: Butterscotch Dexterity: Right-Handed Body Material: Solid Maple, newly leveled, crowned and polished frets, New SRV Pickups, All New Hardware, 21 Fret Maple Neck-Custom, Solid Wood Model Year:2011Country of Manufacture: United States of America Features: solid Maple, Mini-Humbucker Neck Pickup, 21 Fret Maple Neck-Custom Style: Custom Shop Deluxe Butterscotch Blonde Guitar+ Solid Maple Body Items Included: Treble Bleed circuit.

About the Author:

Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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