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Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

Surf Green+ Custom 22 fret Bound Ebony Pearl Inlay Neck+P-90 Pickups + Treble Bleed Circuit

From: Guitar Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. We Ship World Wide!
 Modifications by: Haywire Custom Guitar Custom Shop to a
  Newly Finished: Surfmaster Surf Green Jazzmaster with a Custom neck!
  Two P-90 Pickups plus treble bleed circuit.
Custom Maple/Ebony ’59 Round back Neck with Block Inlay already installed. A newly refinished “Ash” body with 2 Noiseless SRV Hot P-90 Pickups + Recessed Heel Crest added with-all new hardware and 25-1/2″ scale length Modified Custom Neck. Frets have been leveled and re-crowned, neck straightened, action and intonation dialed in.
Neck description:
’59 Round back Neck: Similar to: 1959 Gibson® Les Paul® Thickness at 1st Fret: .860. Fender and Warmoth Necks will fit perfectly.

Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

Haywire Custom Guitars– Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

                              The Haywire Custom Guitars– Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

“Building satisfied players one Haywire Custom guitar at a time!” Great Tone and Sustain with lots of resonance
  Jazz Surfmaster Guitar + Two P-90 Vintage Pickups Includes 3 Way Switching. Used, but body refurbished in the Haywire Custom Shop. Beefy Custom Neck very nice, feels great, new frets, electronics, tuners, trem, knobs and paint is new as well. It’s a great guitar with low action and plays well!

Variable Treble Bleed Circuit included:
This mod keeps the tone you have on “10” throughout the entire range of the volume control.
We add a resistor capacitor network to the input and output of the volume control to
keep the highs from leaving your tone as the volume is decreased.  
By adding this circuit we can help you avoid the “muddy-tone” syndrome.  
Now your tone is much more controllable and articulate!

image Haywire Custom Guitars Jazz Surfmaster Guitar alternate Sky Blue Color
Haywire Custom Guitars Jazz Surfmaster Guitar alternate Sky Blue Color

When the Treble Bleed Circuit is included:

Turning the volume control applies varying amounts of a specially tuned high frequency filter to the selected pickups. Now each pickup has the ability to produce a stronger, fuller tone and 50% less noise. On Humbuckers (either North or South or both coils can be filtered). This variable treble bleed circuit is pre-installed. This variable treble bleed/bypass circuit corrects the problem of high frequency losses, provides auto-adjustment of tone at reduced volumes and improves audio taper between 3 and 10.

Recessed Heel Crest added

Improved hand access

Faster playing and more room on the neck

Easier and smoother note bending

Less stress on fingering hand

Cleaner, clearer notes

More responsive hand-tapping

Easier sweep arpeggios

Better trills and hammer-ons

Quicker pull-offs
  Pix, info, custom work, artwork, setup and Design by: Haywire Custom Guitars

 Custom Shop Axes-without the Custom Shop Prices! Haywire Guitar Custom Guitars-Home of the “Gig Ready” Guitar! This Haywire Guitar comes with one year warranty on our workmanship from Haywire Custom Guitars. Call or write with any questions you may have call Rick:
 Haywire Custom Guitars email:

Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

We Ship World Wide!Instruments for Professionals

Custom Jazz Surfmaster Guitar with Vintage sound SRV Pickups and….Professional Setup for a working musician.

This Haywire Jazz Surfmaster Guitar comes with one year warranty on our workmanship from Haywire Custom Guitars. Refinished Fender bodyThis Jazzmaster body includes all NEW: Hardware, New Tuners + 2 SRV P-90 Pickups Haywire Custom Shop Neck with Block Inlay
3 Way Switching

THE NECK: 22 Fret Custom Ebony/Maple Neck.

The neck profile is styled after the Les Paul 1959 Round back
59 Round back Similar to: 1959 Gibson® Les Paul®Thickness at 1st Fret: .860″Thickness at 12th Fret: .960″The 59 Round back is based on early Les Paul® neck dimensions. It is also the neck profile most similar to the PRS® neck shape. This Guitar Neck Fingerboard Radius is 12″
The fingerboard, or playing surface of the guitar neck, is usually curved or radiused across its width. The purpose of this radius is to accommodate the natural ergonomic shape of your fingers when they are in playing position. Comfort is certainly a major factor in selecting a fingerboard radius but it is not the only factor. Musical Style… the fingerboard radius must also allow you to play the style of music you prefer. Installed is a Custom Maple with Block Inlay ’59 Round back Profile neck Or, if you prefer your own neck, send us your neck, we’ll add strings, set it up, set truss rod, action and intonation.
Then we’ll pay additional weight and size surcharges and return the whole guitar back to you
for 89 bucks gig ready!

Haywire Custom Shop

Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

For Your Audiosyncrasies………

Haywire Custom Guitar instruments feature a number of deluxe electronic configurations, from

guitars with distinctive switching and control options to powerful, tonally versatile pickup configurations by a variety of some of the best Pickup Makers in the U.S.A.3 Way Switching Vintage Pickups with vintage style magnets! Two P-90 Pickups

1952 – Ceramic Magnets Were Introduced by:

J.J. Went, G.W. Rathenan, E.W. Gorter, and G.W. Van Oosterhout from the Phillips Company

They developed the first commercial ceramic magnets based on barium, strontium, and lead-iron oxides.

Ceramic magnets are completely neutral and add no coloration to the tone. They are great magnets for high output applications.

Ceramic work great for crunch and distortion. The SRV pickups in this guitar contain ceramics and are high output pickups that

deliver all the aggression you need and can be used from blues to jazz to metal.

Non-metallic magnets such as the ceramic variety do not change the inductance of a pickup coil.

The tone of these  pickups is often described as “aggressive” with

moderate to high output which can overdrive an amplifier.

Ceramic magnets have lower force on the strings than alnico magnets.

Very strong magnets (typically the alnico magnets) exert a

strong pull on the strings of the instrument and

can reduce sustain and pull strings,”out of tune”

These Custom P-90 Vintage SRV Pickups sound great!
All hardware, pickups, strap knobs, electronics, switch:

INCLUDED and installed on body: No Charge.

Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

Jazz Surfmaster Guitar: Haywire Custom Guitars All controls and pots, switches are new with **NEW Hardware**. The SRV pickups are built for tone and longevity. They are slightly hotter than stock. They are similar to Fender stock pickups but wound hotter for better sustain and they are quiet. For our European Players-These Pick Ups are RoHS Compliant. They have even pole pieces for reliable tone.

    Installed are NEW tuners. They are good quality, accurate and precise. *New* Strings tree for a smooth path to the nut for more accurate tuning. All of the hardware, screws, neck bolts and plate, knobs, are all **NEW**The Tremolo and Low-Low Action Set-Up! The Tremolo is Decked.
The electric guitar ‘Floating” tremolo or “trem” bridge is only Decked when the screws are tightened
under the tremolo cover plate in the back of the guitar body. Reasons to deck:1- Better tuning stability2- Lower action can be achieved3- Consistent action everywhere

 If done properly the springs will be so tight that the tremolo will not move thereby rendering it blocked.
 The re-sale value is much better if you don’t physically change anything that can’t be reversed since lots of players still want a trem or whammy bar on their guitars. Fortunately, there is another benefit.
There is more sustain without the floating tremolo. If it’s blocked and it stays in perfect tune and it’s not permanent or invasive to your instrument and it’s completely reversible-then what’s not to like about that?

Jazz Surfmaster Guitar

The Treble Bleed modification is installed. How does it work?

It allows you to roll off your volume without losing the highs. Would you like being able to use the volume control… without sacrificing tone? Now You Can… with a Treble Bleed Circuit Mod added on this guitar!

As you turn your guitar’s volume down, the pot allows some of the current to go to ground as opposed to the output.

The frequencies that leave first are the highs, which leave the tone muddy and obscured without an “edge” on it to a discerning ear.

Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit

Avoid this by using our Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit

When you lower your guitar’s Volume control so does your tone’s clarity. Your tone is now muddy & with too much bass.

By adding a Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit to your Volume Control Pot, your guitar will “Bleed” in more Treble as you turn your volume down.

Now you have much cleaner, articulate tones when rolling down the volume control.

  It allows the treble frequencies to be re-introduced into the output for clarity and improved timbre.

At Haywire we simply install a TB Circuit capacitor. We build them in our custom guitars for a better Low and High sound spectrum:

1-error-correction of signals with enhanced clarity

2- preserve high end frequencies

3-improved taper when rolling back your volume control

Treble Bleed Circuit Mod

More about this on the Haywire Website

Your Guitar is now- More Functional
Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop

“Building satisfied players one Haywire Custom guitar at a time!”* Great Tone and Sustain

This is an excellent instrument…. for a serious player.

If you take your playing seriously then take a great guitar to the gig with you.

This instrument is very sweet and will serve you, the professional player, for many years to come.
 You practice hard and you work hard on your playing!  So… get a great tool to work with!  

No roadblocks to your success as a guitarist! Call us! 843-347-5742

About the Author:

Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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