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PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch, Squier, In addition: Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Martin Guitar Repair, Guild, Seagull ,Yamaha, Ovation, Washburn, G&L, Rickenbacker, ESP, Schecter, Ovation, Epiphone, Guild, American Achtop, Foster Guitars, Tacoma, Gretsch, Jackson/Charvel, Takamine, Benedetto, Heritage, Larravee, Furch and many more…Worldwide Guitar repair, Instrument Repairs, Maintenance and Modifications. Send us your broken and needy instruments for quick reliable repairs.

North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair in the Conway area by:

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North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair by Haywire Custom Shop In Conway, SC Area

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It’s hard to find North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair for your Guitars in Conway, SC. That’s why we’re here. It’s always great to hear from guitar and bass players. We want to get your rig back in shape. When we do and we have confirmation-“mission accomplished”. So, when we hear directly from a player on the repairs we know the job is “complete”. It’s the best way for our continued improvement to be measured. We are available for local musicians in the Myrtle Beach and Conway SC area and the rest of the world.

We are craftsman, techs, luthiers. We are musicians working for musicians who fit, tailor and build Custom guitars in Conway SC. at the 2007 Lees Landing Circle location for people with custom needs. Also, we design and build guitars for players with orthopedic issues. For example: If they play every day for a living when the guitar is just too heavy. We build guitars for anyone who needs extra light guitars or specific design need and choices.

Haywire Guitars builds and customizes for professional musicians world wide.

Locals have few options which is why we exist for walk-ins.

When customers arrive we have an interview process to determine

the best possible product for their need then, build it.

Our goal is to provide a great Pro-level gigging

instrument for the average work a day player playing for a living.

North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair

Custom Guitars in Conway SC, Guitar Repair in Conway SC/ location @ 2007 Lees Landing Circle in Conway, SC.

Call Haywire Custom Guitars today for:

Expert Electric and acoustic Guitar repairs. Upgrades, mods and fast service. Serving Myrtle Beach and Conway, and Horry County SC. Experienced tech will keep your guitar playing the best it can play! Haywire Custom Shop will also repair and modify other stringed instruments. Including “One Day Urgent Care Guitar Repair “

For appointment-call 843-347-5742
Guitar Repairs, Setup and Maintenance
Hardware replacement and repairs
Hardware customization
Cosmetic enhancements
Guitar Nut repair and replacement bone and graphite
Nut replacement
Saddle replacement
Fabrication from blank materials
Head stock repair, neck repair, guitar brace and Electronics repair
Neck shaves: re-profiling, reshaping &reductions
Head stocks
Crack repair
Brace repair
Bridge repair and replacements
Neck break repair on Set Necks
Les Paul & Repairs for: PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch, Squier, Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Martin, Guild, Seagull, Yamaha, Ovation, Furch, mandolin, banjo, Washburn, Epiphone, G&L, Rickenbacker, ESP, Schecter, Santa Cruz Guitars, Larrivee, and many others.
By Rick Mariner: We can do: guitar neck shaves, acoustic guitar setups and repairs, Active guitar electronics, Better More Reliable Guitars, Custom guitar modifications, Custom Guitar Mods, difficult to play acoustic guitars, electric guitar setup, fix all guitars, Guitar Action, Guitar adjustments, Guitar capacitors and Volume & Tone mods, better sound and better action.

Guitar Repair

Martin Guitar Repair

Acoustic Guitar Repairs: Martin Guitar Repair

Martin Guitar Repair

Martin Guitar Repair includes many operations from, raising string height, lowering string height, truss rod adjustments, new frets, leveling frets, adjusting bridges and bridge saddles. As well, cracks, head-stock breaks, finish issues and the Martin binding problems fraught with issues, tuning keys, out of tune issues.

There are many more operations we can perform on your Martin guitar to make it feel so much better and easier to play. We listen. Give us your guitar complaints and they will be investigated and repaired.

Gibson Guitar Repair and Service including Acoustic Guitars:

North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair

In general, how much do Gibson Acoustic Guitar Repairs cost?

Usually we can accomplish acoustic guitar neck repairs for under $250

Specifically, Gibson Guitar Repair: Head stock repair, neck repairs, guitar brace and crack repair

  • Gibson guitar repair and service to: Head stocks and
  • Crack, Brace repair, headstock re-attaching and repair
  • Similarly, guitar bridge repair and replacements
  • Guitar neck shaving, thinning , re-profiling and more…

Most importantly, We can fix broken acoustic Gibson guitar necks and headstocks in less than a week for you.

In particular, acoustic guitars besides, electric guitars.

Wide Guitar Necks

Wide guitar necks have wider nut widths and are better for guitar players with bigger hands or who want more Neck space in between each string to facilitate fretting notes more cleanly. Those may a need wide guitar necks.

A wider nut offers more separation between the strings at the head stock end of the neck.

The width of necks, and their shape as well, will suit certain players more than others. Often, it’s a case of the size and shape you need, and also the kind of playing preferred.

If you have a size 13 foot, you wouldn’t buy a size 8 shoe, right? No, of course not. It’s not the right equipment.

If you want to play great, you need to start with the right equipment. Haywire guitars can be designed for the bigger guitar players, who have bigger fingers. The wide nut installed is lots wider and meets the needs of larger players and finger pickers, who appreciate “extra room” between the strings.

Guitar Setups: North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair

  • Guitars can require seasonal truss rod adjustments. High and low temps and humidity fluctuations affect the way a guitar plays.
  • Don’t leave guitars in extreme heat or cold. If it’s uncomfortable for you, it’s uncomfortable for your guitar. Hot car trunks, warm attics, etc. This will cause many problems with guitar setups. You’ll have split tops, cracked and checked finishes, glue break down, setup issues and more. Avoid extreme temperatures and extreme humidity.
  • When storing guitars for long periods of time loosen all strings. String pull will bow the neck in dry conditions.
  • Changing string gauges often changes your guitar setups. For example; If you go from a heavier gauge string to a lighter one this will add more neck relief (bow), requiring a truss rod adjustment and a tremolo spring adjustment.
  • Maintain your setup, neck tension and settings. Be sure and change one string at a time. The truss rod tension is the opposite of the string’s tension, changing one string at a time keeps even pressure.
    • humbucker pickup close to strings for good guitar setups

Humidity and Care

Guitars require 44% to 55% relative humidity and a temperature of 69 to 79 degrees F. Get a hygrometer and keep it in the same room as your guitars. For ALL guitars: extreme temperatures and extreme humidity . Using and following changes in a humidifier in the winter will help prevent problems with guitar setups, bridge lifting, neck humps, cracking, split tops and other issues due to dryness. Forced-air furnaces can dry your air. Maintain humidity close to 44-55% when you turn on the heat or A/C .

 At The Haywire Custom Shop You’ll Get:
Guitar Repairs, Guitar Modifications, Guitar necks
Improvements for better playing guitars and best of all diagnosis of all guitar problems in addition to:

Services not just limited to guitar setups….

Guitar Neck Shaving

One Day Urgent Guitar Services
8-Point Tune-Up
Recessed Heel Crest option
Treble Bleed Circuit
Guitar Pickup Replacement

Restore and Re-build Guitars

Guitar Neck Refretting
Replacement Guitar Necks and Back up Guitars
Guitar Neck Repair
A Faster Guitar Neck

Guitar Headstock Repair
Repair A Broken Guitar Neck

Les Paul & Repairs for: PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch, Squier, Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Martin, Guild, Seagull, Yamaha, Ovation, Furch, mandolin, banjo, Washburn, Epiphone, G&L, Rickenbacker, ESP, Schecter, Santa Cruz, Larrivee and many others.
By Rick Mariner: We can do: guitar neck shaves, acoustic guitar setups and repairs, Active guitar electronics, Better More Reliable Guitars, Custom guitar modifications, Custom Guitar Mods, difficult to play acoustic guitars, electric guitar setup, fix all guitars, Guitar Action, Guitar adjustments, Guitar capacitors and Volume & Tone mods, better sound and better action.

Not much money on Reverb or any of the auction sites it for us, but we still participate. They do however, provide us with advertisement, hub for services and a platform to demonstrate what we can really do in our custom guitars shop at a great price. Workaday musicians need a break. Possibly, when players think of a new custom build, maybe they’ll think of us. Haywire Custom Guitars is on the Waccamaw River just outside of Conway, SC off of Highway 90 at 2007 Lees Landing Circle.

“Musicians working for musicians” Thanks for letting us work for you.

image little girl calling Haywire Custom Guitars: Guitar Repairs: Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair in the Conway area
Guitar Repairs: North Myrtle Beach Guitar Repair in the Conway area-Call Haywire Custom Guitars 843-347-5742

The area is uncluttered, quiet, spacious and comfortable for players needing work on their guitars. There is, Wi-Fi, amps, guitars, testing equipment, parts and new guitars available there. Call, drop in and check out the work we do. You’ll love it! Haywire Custom Guitars Shop: 843-347-5742.

Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach area Repair: Call Us Today! 843-347-5742 email:

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Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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